Women's History Month Open Mic Night

What is inspiration?!

Inspiration is producing an event, being wowed by the talent that participated, and then being further amazed by everybody who came to support the event.

This was our April Open Mic night dedicated to Women’s History Month and National Poetry Month. It was held at 107 Bowers Gallery and Artspace in conjunction with the Gallery’s International Women’s Day Exhibition. Kristen DeAngelis, Owner and director of 107 Bowers, invited a Growing and Jersey City and Crystal Letters Open Mic Night into the space and was ecstatic at the outcome and she performed for us as well.

“I had always wanted to host an event that included poetry. I was thrilled to be able to work with both Crystal Letters and Growing in Jersey City and put on the lens of a ‘woman’ event to meet the theme of the International Women Exhibition. The quality of the artists was amazing and look forward to hosting an event like this again. The programming of the open mic night really completed the ‘ArtSpace’ of 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace,” DeAngelis explained.

In addition to the amazing performances, we have been able to donated $1,000 to local charities and non-profits. This month, we donated $55 to Thinking in Full Color, a Jersey City non-profit dedicated to the education of women of color through the arts. Our performances began with a piece by the founder of Thinking in Full Color Summer Reyes. She performed a beautiful work on the fluidity of human nature, marriage, and cold feet.

Reyes shared, “Women really create awesome things when they collaborate and support one another and this was really clear last night when Crystal, Jenna, and Kristen; they worked together to make such a dynamic open mic happen. Last night so many talented women got to share their work in an open, affirming space that is an incredibly valuable resource for woman-identified creatives and femmes. That's exactly the kind of work we do at Thinking In Full Color. We are always looking for ways to empower more women artists of color and to give them loving, attentive spaces. It was really the perfect partnership and we're excited to continue supporting all the groups who made this event so special.”

Each performance was different from the next - We had brand new performers, new performers to our open mic night, and our regulars of course. This event was also unique because performances were limited to women identifying and non-binary humans. All genders were invited to support their friends and everyone was respectful and supportive.

When I first reached out to Crystal Davis, of Crystal Letters, last year asking if she wanted to do an open mic with Growing in Jersey City, I never imagined the community that we would create . We are both so proud of the community we are continually creating.

“Our Open Mics have blossomed before my eyes. It's a really profound feeling of joy, pride, and appreciation. An appreciation for everyone who comes out and most especially to Jenna and Kristen for our April event. 107 Bowers space really resonated with me - you feel the excitement within the audience (new faces and old) and we even got a once in a lifetime performance from the hostess herself. Not to mention the amount of support we've received. The energy that is created when we're all together is unlike anything I've ever experienced and I am beyond grateful for it.

The amount of inspiration that comes from the nights that we share is unexplainable and I can't wait to see where it takes us,” beamed Davis.

We hope you will join us for our upcoming Open Mics Nights. We move around the city to bring the Open Mics closer to your home and see a different part of town.

Next Open Mic:

May 14th

Froth on Franklin

7pm - Sign ups open

7:30pm - Open Mics Begin

Suggested Donation: $5 to support Covenant House Jersey City

Performances are limited to 5 minutes.

Click here for more details.

We also want to thank Dulce de Leche for donating empanadas to the event!

Photos provided by Crystal Letters

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