The Great Jersey City Clean Up Spring 2019

On Saturday March 30th, I went on a nature walking tour of Lincoln Park West Park, where I continually picked up garbage and would hold onto it until we reached a resting spot with a garbage can. Someone else on the walk remarked that we should have brought garbage bags and did a clean up. My reply was, why waste a plastic bag? Let’s all pick up as we go and dispose of the waste in garbage cans. Remembering what I did on the nature walk, while on my way home one day this week, I noticed garbage littered on Palisade Avenue over the Ravine/New York Bridge, and picked up what I could carry to dispose of in a garbage can.

This is the accountability that John Lynch, Chief of Administrative Services City of Jersey City - DPW, wants all citizens of Jersey City to have. “It is easy for people to post a complaint and take pictures of things like paper/litter on the ground, but how about actually doing something about it. Don’t talk/complain about be about it,” said Lynch.

Lynch is now in charge of the city-wide The Great Jersey City Clean Up on Saturday April 13th from 10-2pm. He is pushing the city and its residents to be more involved than ever, “In the past, the event has averaged 800-1000 participants. This year, I'm upping ante towards goal of 2000 volunteers. We have a great outreach strategy with schools playing a big role as well as Boys & Girls Club and similar organizations. The goal is promotion to JC residents, colleges, all high schools - including charters, St Peter's Prep, Hudson Catholic, Hi-Tech, County Prep. We have activated community groups, organizations, religious centers, leaving no stone upturned in regards to promoting. The city has automated volunteer sign up, so I am able to measure participation planning,” explained Lynch.

It is so easy to walk past garbage on the street because we see it every day, but through involvement and visibility, people will be held more accountable and will actually pick up the garbage when they see it. “The hope is that we take this event with us beyond the actual event and take place every day towards a clean Jersey City,” said Lynch. All it takes is just a little extra effort in maintaining properties even if you are not the business or landlord. “Lots of stuff ends up in front of my property and while I am not the owner I live there and want it to be clean, so I get a broom and sweep and clean it up.”

“A cleaner Jersey City starts with every resident, property owner, and business owner (and visitors). It starts with all of us!”

To join The Big Clean Up Click here to sign up

Ideas for garbage clean up:

  • Carry a small garbage bag with you and pick up on your way home from work.

  • Take your kids out and make a project out of it - if they are Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts work with the leader and let’s get them a patch.

  • Create a community group that meets at a set time every week (or every other). Groups like the Riverview Neighborhood Association have supplies - garbage bags, gloves, etc, that you can borrow.

  • Walk your property once a week/month and do a clean.

Comment below and let us know how you help clean up Jersey City!

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