Open Mic Night - January 2019

On January 15th, we gathered at our home base, Froth on Franklin, for our monthly Open Mic Night co-produced with Crystal Letters. Every month, we pick a different non-profit or charity in the area to donate to through suggested donations and we have raised over $600 since we started last March. For this event, we chose to donate our proceeds to the Jersey City Arts Program —this special organization brings students together in their day through performing and visual arts. Many of the students in the program joined us for the Open Mic night.

So what was the night like? It was filled with wonderful performers.

Like John, who loves to write about his commute on the PATH train.

Or Crystal (our co-producer), who shares her spiraling stream of consciousness poetry that pulls you in.

Or Trig, who writes poems that are never really what they are.

Gary, the front man of The Sensational Country blues, who can play a guitar and bring a whole room together.

We had Janet share her amazing poem about Texas with parking and air conditioning included.

Amber, one of the students from JC Arts Program, read her Shakespeare competition piece from Macbeth and I swore the poetry was going to come and attack us, Dorian Gray style.

Coming all the way from Newark, Court joined us because her friend from Miami found the event. Her poems spoke truths.

Irv, the comedian, really played the room well.

And Jesaida, a professional skateboarder who grew up in Jersey City and went to Dickinson, infuses healing and Reiki energies into her poetry and it flowed out like passion.

According to Al Ciminata, the owner of Froth on Franklin, “this was one of the most talented groups we have had yet.” And every month we have different performers coming to share their work, either professionally or just trying it out. We love and appreciate our regulars who attend every month and never disappoint. They help us create this amazing community.

If you would like to join us for an Open Mic, follow us on Facebook and check the events.

Click here to see our next open mic night.

A little bit about the JC Arts Program - it is for students who want to “major” in the arts and the program provides them with centralized classes built into their schedule, creating a magnet program within the school system. They compete for theatre and put on shows for the visual arts. If you want to learn more about JC Arts Program and how you can be involved, click here.

As always huge thank you to our partner in crime, Crystal Davis of The Crystal Letters. This event takes a lot of love and open mics bring so much passion.

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