Jersey City Father’s Day Gifts

Here are our top 10 Jersey City Father's Days Gift Ideas... Dad Approved!

Ion Performance Care

Epsom Salt Bath Soaks, Post Workout Charcoal Face Soap, and Pre-Workout Warming Lotion, basically the entire home spa experience.

iON was sparked by the passion of founder, Anthony "A.D." Davis. He is a lifelong athlete who was inspired to leverage his experience in healthcare and product innovation to address the unique personal care issues of the athlete. "I found that as I aged, I could maintain a high level of performance and the lifestyle I loved if I prioritized care of my body.”

Use Code WARRIOR10 for 20% off

Perfect for the workout dad, the spa dad, the needs a break dad.

om life

Escape the hectic hustle of the city. Relax, recover, and de-stress with zero-gravity floatation and sub-zero cryotherapy.

Float in sensory deprivation tank where the body experiences zero gravity

Use cool technology to stress your body through positively with Cryotherapy.

Other services: Infrared Sauna, Massage Therapy, Normatec Recovery, Shamanic Spiritual & Life Guidance.

Use Code DADBOD for $10

Perfect for the dad who needs a few hours away.

Busy Bee Organics

They are dedicated to bringing ease and peace of mind for the busy bees in the area by fully preparing all of your meals in a nutrient dense, health supportive and delicious way!

All their meals are plant based, gluten-free, and dairy-free to start with your choice to add on a responsibly raised meat or cheese to any dish! Vegetarian? Vegan? Paleo? No problem, they have your back - All meals are customizable to your preference!

Perfect for the dad (and family) who needs a push in the food department.

A Green Unicorn

Are you tired of dieting and hate going to the gym?

A Green Unicorn has nutrition coaching and classes to help you to take the first step into a healthier, stronger and happier version of yourself.

Perfect for the dad who needs guidance in all aspects of health and wellness and ready to have the best cheerleader in town.

Ironbound Performance Athletics

We just did a GJC group workout with the owner Josh and we have to say it is a great place to work out. The group sessions are all about helping and pushing each other and every workout ends with high-fiving each other.

Perfect for the dad who wants a squad.

Peter Gourri Life Coach

Peter helps you take the steps in the right direction to take control of your life. He then guides you to reaching your full potential by developing leadership and management skills, public speaking, and networking and professional presence.

Perfect for the dad who wants some clarity and guidance.

Jersey Girls Food Tours

With tours of some of the best places around Grove Street and Hamilton Park, Jersey Girls Food Tours takes your taste buds for an experience. They have tours in Red Bank, Princeton, and Rutherford as well.

Perfect for the dad who wants to try everything on the menu.

White Eagle Hall, Monty Hall, FM Jersey City, or Fox and Crow

Want to go to a concert close to home? All the these locations show amazing bands both local and national that can fill the desire for a show.

Perfect for the dad who loves music.

Dinner in Jersey City

Just some suggestions Mathews, The Hutton, Low Fidelity, 15 Fox Place, O’leary’s Publik House, all of Indian Square.

Perfect for the dad who loves food

RPM Raceway: Go-Karts (Formerly Pole Position)

Who doesn’t want to drive a go-kart?

Perfect for the dad who loves adventure and speed.

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