Real Estate in Jersey City - Sitting with Carme de Sagun

Real Estate is a hot topic in Jersey City - it’s clear that it’s moving in an upward trajectory. Real estate agents working in Jersey City support clients with different needs - people moving here, to people moving from one area in Jersey City to another, to new buildings, or to houses being restored. We will be talking with real estate agents from the area to get their perspective on the city and what we all need to know about this real estate market.

We sat down with our neighbor, Carme de Sagun, a long term Jersey City Heights resident and a local realtor. She is a realtor Coldwell Banker and an ambassador for Coldwell Banker Cares. We love seeing her at the farmer's market, volunteering with RNA, and checking out her real estate posting.

Why did you decide to become a real estate agent and how long have you been one?

I wanted to do something meaningful and something that fostered lasting relationships with people. I was a salesman in my past life selling to pharmaceutical companies (B2B). This did not make a difference in people’s lives. I got my real estate license in 2004, going full time right away.

You live in The Heights and focus your business primarily in The Heights. Was this on purpose? Why?

It’s interesting that’s your perception of where my focus is – probably because I do a lot of business and I live in the Heights. But in reality, I focus on Jersey City as a whole with all of it’s different sections and districts – from the Heights to Greenville and Downtown Waterfront to Journal Square, Bergen Lafayette, and the West Bergen Section as well. Yes, it is purposeful.

I feel…how can you do your job well, if you don’t know your job well? And there has always been enough business close to home that going elsewhere hasn’t been necessary. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t turn down business from outside Jersey City, I just don’t seek out other cities purposefully.

Why do you think it’s important to really know the area you are showing to your clients?

Buying and selling a home is one of the most important decisions in peoples’ lives, I would not be doing my job and serving my purpose if I’m not providing them with expert knowledge of what the neighborhoods offer, how an area suits their needs (or not), etc.

You are known in the community. How did you get involved?

Coldwell Banker has done community outreach programs year over year and I’ve had the pleasure of being the ambassador for Coldwell Banker Cares for a couple of years. I’ve also volunteered for Garden State Episcopal Community Development Center. I have also lived in Jersey City for 14 years. The Heights is a close community – you can’t walk out the door and not run into someone you know. I promote my business on social media and I am vocal about offering my help because I like to reciprocate and support my clients’ causes. I’m a believer that what goes around comes around.

What makes Jersey City/Hudson County Special in the real estate market?

Proximity to New York City.

Access to public transportation and ease of commute to New York City.

Affordability (in comparison to prices in New York City)

The arts

The culture

The character

The music scene

The diversity

The community

The parks

The walkability

The density

The growing options for dining out

The list goes on and on….

What advice do you have to people looking to buy or rent in jersey city?

To buyers - there are definitely upsides to owning a home. Earn equity and upsize later to something bigger and better. You don’t have to worry about getting removed/displaced from your home. It’s a great vehicle for creating wealth with the vast majority of wealthy people’s portfolio comprises significant real estate. You have more freedom in tailoring your living space to suit your taste and lifestyle. If owning a home is something you’ve been dreaming of – don’t overthink it.

To renters – you’re still paying mortgage – it’s just *someone else’s* mortgage.

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