J City Theatre Returns with a Bang

“Clark Gable Slept Here,” a dark comedy by Michael McKeever, is currently in production at the J City Theater’s new home at The Barrow Mansion. The show sets the stage for a dark and humorous representation of the “reality” of Hollywood. The script is unpredictable, bilingual as some parts are in Spanish and then roughly translated into English. It will keep on your toes, jaw-dropping, and laughing from start to finish as you put together pieces of the puzzle.

When the stage lights up, we enter the Chateau Marmont and step into the posh hotel room of an unseen character, Patrick Zane, one of Hollywood’s famed and aging action stars. First, we find is the body of Travis, (Nick Probst) a very dead and very naked male hooker lying face down on a rug. The story is set to take place in Los Angeles, 2014 on the eve of the Golden Globe Awards. Although Zane is never seen, he manages to blend up the mysteries as the story goes on.

Aside from the dead hooker, we find the nervous Hotel Manager, Gage Holland, (Clay Cockrell), Zane’s manager, Jarrod “Hilly” Hilliard (Stephen Hope), and a maid who is eager to leave, Estella (Ali De Léon). She creates bilingual dialogue between herself and Mr. Holland. As the performance continues the final character is introduced when Hilly calls in Hollywood ‘Fixer,’ Morgan Wright, (Sandy Cockrell), to assess and “manage” the crisis.

With J City Theatre’s return to Jersey City after a 4-year hiatus, it’s the start to a good first season. Sandy Cockrell’s direction and set design creates an ambience of pure fun and captivating theatre. Featuring artwork on set by Iris Kufert-Rivo and off-set, in the gallery by local Jersey City artist, Michael Cardenas. Mrs. Cockrell’s choice of costumes is spot on for the characters and Technical Director, Nick Probst’s lighting queues round out the show carefully and make it a quality production.

“Clark Gable Slept Here,” is showing at The Barrow Mansion, located at 83 Wayne Street, Jersey City, NJ, until May 19th. Tickets are $35 and can be purchased at www.jcity.org. This show is "Rated R" for mild nudity and language. If you’re looking for a dramatically hilarious escape, this is a must see.

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