Downtown Medspa and EO Foot & Ankle

Imagine this with me …

(I was going to say close your eyes, but then you wouldn’t be able to read the article).

You are hosting an event and a woman comes as a participant and has this amazing, big personality. She is there to show support for her friend, A Green Unicorn, and you are thrilled that someone is so excited to participate. She is ecstatic because she has the night off from her four kids. She knows other participants and her laugh resonates throughout the room.

This is Marietta Reynolds. She is the owner of Downtown MedSpa, which shares the space with EO Foot & Ankle Center, owned by her husband. Dr. Eric Reynolds.

Together, EO Foot and Ankle has been in business for over 15 years. The first office was in East Orange (EO), but the commute from Jersey City was unbearable so after a year, they moved the office to Jersey City - a mere five blocks from their home. They love being so close to the office as they love seeing the city and can now take their children to lots of activities. They absolutely love the community and the walkability of the city (I am sure with four kids that is essential). When Marietta talks about where she went to dinner, what fitness class she tried, and how she took all of her children to swim lessons, I can’t help but feel exhausted for her!

From the pampering day, I reached out to Marietta and set up my first appointment for laser hair removal and it has been great (slightly painful, but great). She preps you for the experience, explains the process and what happens to the hair, and of course cracks jokes the entire time. She participated in GJC Wellness Day 2018 and loved it. She took a few classes, met all of the vendors, and provided some awesome raffles. They also do in-office raffles and give away freebies, so be sure to follow them on social media. Another service they offer is facials once a week and we had to try it as well. It doesn’t feel like the other rooms in the facility - it is quiet, purply, and cozy. The facialist was great and the facial massage was amazing. Getting the facial is the perfect way to dip your toe into seeing the office and then deciding that you need medspa services. I have also seen Dr. Reynolds and will be getting orthotics soon (once I make the appointment).

So why did Marietta decide to add medspa services to the office? She was going into NYC to get laser services and found it a hassle since there were no services in Jersey City. So, they expanded the offerings at their office and added laser services and that is how this all began.

They have an office right on Grove Street, which is perfect for anyone traveling anywhere in Hudson County. The front desk staff and nurses are great and the joy Marietta and Dr. Reynolds bring to the office is shared amongst their staff. “We are very hands on; we try to get to know everyone that enters our office. We want everyone to feel at home” said Marietta. They have state of the art equipment - for laser tattoo removal, microneedling (they just bought a new machine to help with acne), and laser hair removal. “We do our due diligence on all the machines we buy. It has to be the best. We take pride to give our clients the best service while using the most innovative techniques and cutting edge equipments,” explained Marietta. "For podiatry, Dr. Reynolds is board certified in wound care so he does a lot of diabetic wounds, skin grafts and surgery."

The couple loves working together, “We get to see each other a lot and we love spending time together, but we are busy with patients and clients so sometimes we might just cross paths in the office,” Marietta explains.

The BIG NEWS is they just opened an office in Brooklyn in January 2018 and will be adding medispa services in the next six months.

When, and if, you need any services they provide, we hope you check them out and tell them that GJC sent you.

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