What I love about Jersey City – Mental Weather and Four Seasons!

On moving to the United States, my sister said to me; ‘just remember, the weather there is always trying to kill you.’… A sage piece of advice!

1. Loved the Remembrance Day - apocalypse clouds over Manhattan in this shot

2. Sunrise after ‘snowmaggedon’… quite a shock for our first winter in Jersey City

3. I love how the snow brings calm, a white blanket on the land… just for a short while as NJ/NY are much more adept at coping with the snow than London!

4. Despite the snow, you can see all the tracks of the dedicated dog walkers and explorers keen to get outside and play!

5. Rain and wind. Two of my least favorite weather events, especially when combined as they often are, in Jersey City. These are the days when umbrellas die.

6. A hot, warm, bolt of sunshine reaches out to us, inviting us to the light. The buildings either side frame this picture wonderfully.

7. I love the Cherry Blossoms in the spring. We are treated to the most beautiful pink foliage in Jersey City and then all the leaves fall off the trees and we are left with a blanket of pink leaves!

8. Big, menacing clouds over Manhattan can only mean one thing… head indoors! Especially if you’re in that little sail boat in the middle of this photo!

9. I love the dramatic skies and the shear vastness of them here in the US… scary and exciting all at once!

10. A pink cloud blanket reaches from Jersey City and Hoboken to Manhattan. It’s soft and inviting.

11. Snowmaggedon! Snow drifts are taller than I am (which isn’t that difficult some would joke)… under that mound of snow is someone’s car!

12. I love how the trees catch the snow as it falls and wears it like gloves.

13. Misty Manhattan – love how the clouds left an odd pink sky, which was reflected on the Hudson.

14. Crazy waves when the water is choppy, down by the Paulus Hook Ferry Terminal! Careful not to get soaked!

15. Everything about this shot is scary - the green of the Hudson is so the sinister grey clouds above, you just know some epic storm is incoming. It’s quite exciting.

16. I feel warm inside looking at this photo and can't wait to take more.

17. The start of a snowfall as commuters brave the weather in a bid to make it to their work safely. I loved the ‘old world’ feel of this picture, mixed with the super modern cars in the background.

18. There’s a lot of ice in the Hudson after the very cold snap in January!

19. It is amazing how the ferry boats navigate the icy waters. I love how the sunset was reflect on the Hudson in this photo.

20. An early shot of light snowfall gives a softness to this photo as the snow falls gently.​

21. I love how the path cut this clearly defined line in this photo, combined with an eerie greenness…

22. This is one of my favorite spots to take pictures of Manhattan. I loved the cool white blanket of snow covering the ground in this photo.

23. One my favorite pictures so far – it was worth near-hypothermia to get this awesome sunrise over the frozen Hudson. I love the colors in this one!

24. Frozen boats in the Marina. I love how ‘blue’ this photo feels.

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