Instagram Accounts That Kill the Photography Game

At Growing in Jersey City we are always scouring the interwebs for great photos of the area. This week, we are sharing some of favorite photos from the past few weeks from some of our favorite accounts. To see the rest of their photos (and follow them obviously), click their photo.

Be sure to use #growinginjerseycity on your instagram photos of your adventures around Jersey City and Hudson County so we can find them and share them.

Erin A Delaney Photo is a local photographer running around Jersey City getting inspired for her next coloring book.

Food Not Bombs Jersey City shares food and other resources with anyone in need as a way of building solidarity and compassion, and as a way of protesting war and injustice. You can find their schedule of events on their facebook page and they always welcome volunteers.

Andy Cohen Pix takes the most graphic, real photos of real life.

Love Laugh Mirch shares her family's life through yummy food, cultural ceremonies, and a day in the life of a mom.

Iron Bound Vintage finds one of a kind vintage pieces - furniture and home goods.

They also manages @rhinoschnauzer (an adorable dog) and @marketplace_jc.

Delicious Craic is a local Jersey City resident sharing their love of the city. And they have a blog.

Door of Jersey City shares ... you guessed it... great doors in Jersey City. Be sure to tag them in your door shots and use #doorsofhoboken. Check our friends over at Stoopoken for Hoboken door inspiration.

Achenbach Art uses very creative methods to create their art from freezing items to making stop action movies.

BeLa Jersey City focuses on the Bergen Lafayette section(s) of Jersey City.

Swati Rastogi Arts is an artist using many mediums to share her art - mural, henna, pottery, paintings. If you want to learn more about her, read our article.

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