What I love about Jersey City – Incredible Street Art

We are extremely fortunate to have such talented street artists in Jersey City. The beautiful murals really brighten and enhance our community, turning Jersey City into an outdoor art gallery.

And here at Growing in Jersey City we love exploring neighborhoods and finding the hidden or not so hidden treasures from the Mural Arts Program and Graffiti artists themselves.

1. The iconic, Jersey City wave by Shepard Fairey, on the corner of Columbus Avenue and Grove Street, really stands out for me as one of the most striking murals. "In creating this piece, I look at it as Jersey City riding a wave, a renaissance. I am all about doing public art as people can interpret it how they want to. The Jersey City Wave is meant to be a celebration of where Jersey City is now—you’re facing away from the Statue of Liberty and doing it on your own. You’re underdogs.”- Quoted from Chicpeajc

2. The Christopher Columbus mural created by Pro Arts, remains one of my favorites. For me, it symbolizes Jersey City and makes me feel part of, and proud to be a member of this community.

3. The David Bowie mural at The Cast Iron Lofts by Eduardo Kobra is simply breath taking! So bright and vibrant, not to mention 180-foot tall!

4. Lafayette Rising by Blair Urban – I love how this mural covers the entire building, it really adds a vibrancy to the area.

5. The Jersey City Crown by Beau Stanton pulls together several iconic Jersey City buildings to create the crown including The Powerhouse, old City Hall, and New Jersey Central Terminal. It is really quite stunning mural. I love the magnitude of it and the bright turquoise really makes it pop.

6. Who doesn’t?!?!?!

7. The Mike Makatron “Fog” on Newark Avenue… I feel like he’s reminding us to stay connected to animals, despite living in the concrete jungle. I love the playfulness of this mural!

8. Not traditional ‘street art’ in the true sense, but this is something we should all be doing and feeling as far as I’m concerned!

9. Jersey City is indeed, a ‘funky town’... I love the cartoon style of this mural by Jaek el Diablo in coordination with Green Villian. It’s fun!

10. This mural by PAWS21 is dedicated to Jersey City art life, does exactly what I think a mural should do… it really brightens up an otherwise dark and dull space with some vibrant colors!

11. Murals can also be poignant and none more so than the ‘From flames to flowers’ memorial to Joseph Lovero, a Jersey City fireman who made the ultimate sacrifice in 9/11. The mural is by Richard LaRovere and Rafael Torres.

12. Hello Dali by PawnPrice, I love the striking Dali face in the center of this mural.

13. I love “New Journey” by Alice Pasquini - the pastel colors and the message: Dreams ARE the beginning of new journeys, I agree.

14. Black Sheep” by Pixel Pancho. The boy is a reflection of the artist (who felt he was the black sheep in his family). It’s a stunningly large mural on Christopher Columbus Drive.

15. Eat my shorts!... I loved The Simpsons as a child and I love the playful nature of this piece by EMO

16. “Will that price be too steep for tomorrow’s children of the atom?” There is something absorbing about this mural by DISTOART- it almost sucks you in visually whilst delivering quite a poignant message.

17. “Greetings from Jersey City” by Greetings Tour. Each letter refers to a different element of Jersey City (e.g., ‘E’ is Loew’s Theater)

18. “Flor y Fauna (Color Libre)” by Mata Ruda, it ‘explores the things displaced migrants and refugees conceal and carry with them throughout their life.’

19. Lunar New Year BY Layha Nuna Yaway shows two migrant men contemplating the sky for good omen… you can feel how much they are hoping for that good omen.

20. There is something really dramatic about this mural by Zimer; it feels like something from an opera. The brilliant bright red dress stands out against the simple backdrop, which makes it all the more striking a piece of art.

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