Panepinto Fine Arts Brings Creative Art to the Residence Inn

When walking into the Residence Inn in Jersey City, you feel like you are walking into a luxury hotel. When guests walk around the hotel, they get to experience talented local artists via the art that hangs on the walls of the hotel. The colors of the hotel flow through the artwork and fill the blank spaces. For Stefania Panepinto, curator of art at the Residence Inn, it is her job to create this incredible experience for guests.

What sets the art apart is how Panepinto works with galleries, artists, and the developers. She has created valuable relationships through her business, Panepinto Fine Art. She takes her experience in science and her curiosity for art and combines them into amazing curations in the Panepinto Gallery, on the walls of the businesses she works with, and within her own artwork.

Current Exhibition by Paneptino Galleries at 70 Hudson Street, Sponsored by Spear Street Capital - October 14, 2017 - May 1, 2018 -

We have known about Panepinto and her work for a long time as we heard her speak at the Jersey City Summit in May 2017. When we learned she curated the art for the Residence Inn on Columbus (down the block from Grove Street), we wanted to see the art. The building is incredible - the architects fit the building within the other buildings on the block and it hovers over the Columbus exit of the Grove Street Path. The hotel provides modern, upscale select services, which is what differentiates it from other Residence Inns that are focused exclusively on extended stays. The bar/restaurant, conference rooms, and the guest rooms are gorgeous and, of course, filled with art.

So how does Panepinto actually work with the designers and building developers she curates with? According to her, it really depends on the space. Initially, “my cues come from the context, the design themes, the space, and the materials they use to create the space. On the larger buildings, I work with the interior designer, and for smaller ones, I end up being the de facto designer,” said Panepinto.

Public Spaces at Marriott Residence Inn Left: Artist, Peter Fox. Artist, Peter Fox. Artists Jamie Orr (this is the one with four).

Having worked in real estate for many years and as it is her family business, she loves to picture what could happen with a space. “What excites me about curating art for office and residential buildings as well as hotels is my ability to work with artists to create original new works, specifically tailored to each space. I will go through a space and delineate what I need and where, and then work with each artist to curate a specially made one-of-a-kind collection for that project,” said Panepinto.

For The Residence Inn by Marriott, “I was not given a specific direction – I went with artists I thought fit in the space based on the interior designers' plans and the surrounding urban vibe of the city. The owners ended up choosing seven of the 16 artists I presented to them. I then worked with the designer on the colors and brought these specifications back to the artists to create original pieces,” Panepinto explained. All of the artists are regional and provide an urban feel that fits right into the Jersey City vibe. On the first three floors, you will find the original pieces. The rooms, hallways, and hallway bathrooms showcase limited edition prints of the originals with some embellishments by Panepinto and her team. Their goal was to accentuate the details that are connecting pieces to the design aesthetic. The art spaces set by the hotel standards are called designated art areas - these spaces include the area where you get off the elevator, in the bar area, and certain places in the hotel rooms. Panepinto took this further and added art to other spaces so that it fills the blank spaces and feels more natural and homey - like the hallways and bathrooms.

Suite at the Marriott Residence Inn; Artist’s work shown, Anne Sherwood Pundyk

The coolest piece is actually by Panepinto and is located on the concierge level with the bar/restaurant and conference rooms. It is a mirror with what looks like frozen water or a cut open gemstone. Each layer was created from paint and urethane. This piece does not have a matching limited print so it is truly one of a kind.

What makes this so special to Panepinto is being able to bring artwork to her hometown as she is fifth-generation Jersey City. Her family moved to Bergen County when she and her brother were going to high school and they have both since moved back, as she always felt Jersey City was her home.

The history behind her family coming to Jersey City dates far back to when her paternal great grandparents came over from Italy to Jersey City and her grandparents met in the Italian neighborhoods of Jersey City. “So, naturally my father, Joseph A Panepinto Sr. grew up here… He was the the first in his family to go to college at St. Peter’s University in Jersey City and then Seton Hall Law School. After he attended college and law school, my father was determined to stay in the city, even though it was during the decline due to the exits of the factories and rail yards that once lined the Hudson River. He worked for the city from 1971-1977 as a planning board attorney and then redevelopment agency attorney working to develop a vision for Jersey City, He worked with a team that drafted the future plans for urban redevelopment, envisioned new possibilities for Jersey City. Their focus was on redeveloping the abandoned rail yards and factories along the waterfront, near public transportation and at Journal Square,” shared Panepinto.

From there it is history - in 1977, Joseph A. Panepinto Sr. purchased his first building for his law firm, which was the first of many decisions that would eventually lead to Panepinto Properties. They purchased a number of properties in Journal Square and the waterfront. “My father has been involved in almost every major office or residential development in Jersey City, and Panepinto Properties plans to continue helping to make the city a vibrant up and coming space,” said Panepinto.

Because of her father’s involvement in real estate and her mother’s passion for art, Panepinto has merged the two into truly a fine art. We love that Panepinto (along with the other galleries and creative art spaces throughout the city) brings local and regional artwork to the forefront and continues to share their art in spaces that might not have been exposed to that before. Her goals are to expand internationally and to continue to bring an experience to the viewer, “I am drawn to artwork that is visually compelling, inspiring, positive, with an interesting composition, unique brushwork, or materials; and contains a human element that makes a strong visual connection to the viewer. My mission is to create 'human' and 'emotional' experiences within the spaces we curate, and therefore these qualities are absolutely essential,” said Panepinto.

Opening Reception of Marriott Residence Inn L to R - Artists Shown: Angela Costanzo Paris; Glen Garver; Candy Le Sueur; Jamie Orr, Ryan Roa; and Team Members Congressman Frank Guarini; Joe Paneptino Jr, Joe Panepinto Sr, Stefania Panepinto, Jason Kimmel, David Barry

Where can you find some work from Panepinto Fine Art?

Novado Gallery Presents “Leveling” Featuring Stefania Panepinto’s Strength in Numbers Series - Exhibition featuring Figurative Art March 17-April 22;

Through the Eyes of the Artist -Sponsored by Spear Street Capital - October 14, 2017 - May 1,

3 Journal Square: 34 Artworks

Residence Inn Art Collection: 240 Artworks

The Study Hotel, Philadelphia

A New Art Experience: Exhibition @ Urby Model Homes

Upcoming Works:

Jersey City Medical Center, Luxury Residences along the NJ Gold Coast, Private Residential Farm Estate in NJ - Permanent Art Collections, Murals & Outdoor Sculpture.

Photos provided by Panepinto Fine Arts

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