What I love about Jersey City – Poignant Monuments

There are many monuments throughout Jersey City. Caroline Gourri focuses on the Waterfront and Downtown Jersey City sections in her exploration of the city.

‘The Empty Sky’, Liberty State Park:

Dedicated to New Jersey’s 749 who lost their lives on 9/11. The two 30-foot-high rectangular towers stretch 208 feet, 10 inches long — the exact width of the World Trade Center towers, the proportion of the walls a symbolic representation of the buildings as if they were lying on their sides.

‘Liberation’, Liberty State Park:

A bronze holocaust memorial portraying an American soldier carrying the body of a Holocaust survivor out of a Nazi concentration camp. It symbolizes America’s role in preserving freedom and rescuing the oppressed.

Waterfront 9/11 memorial, Grand Street:

Dedicated to the 37 Jersey City residents who lost their lives on September 11th 2001.

Katyń Memorial, Exchange Place:

Dedicated to the victims of the Katyn massacre in 1940. It commemorates the massacre of over 20,000 Polish soldiers on the orders of Stalin, after the Soviet Union had invaded Poland in 1940. It was originally set to be placed in Hamilton Park, but Exchange Place was chosen because it was out of the way at the time it was built. Now it is a monumental piece in the skyline from J. Owen Grundy Park.

‘Dauntless Efforts’, Harborside:

Dedicated to the construction workers from the Harborside Financial Center who rushed to the World Trade Center to donate their time, efforts and unique skills to the rescue and recovery efforts. The steel used at the base of the sculpture is from the actual wreckage of the WTC.

The Paulus Hook Monument, Paulus Hook:

This 25-foot obelisk was installed in 1903 through the efforts of the Daughters of the American Revolution in honor of the battle led by Col. Lee on the Paulus Hook Fort in 1779.

‘Makeshift Memorial’, Exchange Place:

A bronze sculpture of a businessman sitting on a bench placed near the WTC in 1983, was lifted from the rubble by rescuers. ‘Double check’ was set up amid the wreckage, becoming a makeshift memorial as flowers, pictures, messages and even a hard hat was placed on the bronze man’s head. The artist took all these messages, cast them in bronze and welded them to the piece exactly as he had found them one month after 9/11 and thus ‘makeshift memorial’ was made.

‘Candles of Life Memorial', Washington Street, Paulus Hook:

Dedicated to the 133 soldiers from Hudson County who gave their lives during the Korean war.

Philippine Veterans Memorial, Harsimus Cove:

Dedicated to the Filipino veterans who fought alongside US soldiers seeking independence for the Nation.

Soldiers & Sailors Monument, Jersey City Town Hall:

Dedicated to Civil War veterans, with their names engraved on the sides of the pedestal and the battles in which they fought on the back.

Police Department Monument, Montgomery Street:

Dedicated to the deceased members of the Jersey City Police Department

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