Hoboken Clips in & Taps Back for SoulCycle’s Opening Day

Hoboken’s Washington Street is no stranger to businesses coming and going in the blink of an eye.

*Pours some out for the Luke’s Lobster I meant to try but never made it to…*

Despite the turnaround, many businesses remain unafraid of making a long lasting mark on Mile Square City.

The latest new kid on the block is SoulCycle. As evidenced by the waitlist for nearly every class on opening day, locals are eager to check out the studio and see if it measures up with the hype.

Residing uptown on 1400 Washington Street, SoulCycle Hoboken is the company’s 84th location. On Saturday, I clipped in, tapped back, and experienced the ride.

Upon arrival, participants were greeted by free Juice Press and succulents (the studio definitely knew its target demographic). The studio was clean, spacious, and had a very SoulCycle feel. There was also a large crowd gathering to wait for the class to open.

The morning class was taught by Tanysha. Her energy, playlist, and coaching abilities did not disappoint. SoulCycle’s are known for combining traditional cycling with upper body moves and a weight session with each teacher adding their own “spin” to their classes. Halfway through the class Tanysha had us look at the rider next to us and say, “I got you.” In other non-soul studios, most of the time it felt as if I was riding with forced enthusiasm. But, in Tanysha’s class, every bit of energy felt genuine. I am definitely looking forward to checking out other teachers at this studio.

The ride exceeded my expectations and I wanted to uncover even more about Soul’s journey to ‘Boken. We took our questions directly to the brand and spoke with Gabby Cohen, SVP of PR and Brand Strategy.

Growing Jersey CIty: Why did SoulCycle want to open in Hoboken?

Gabby Cohen: With just one other existing location in Short Hills, we're thrilled to continue spreading the joy of movement in New Jersey. Hoboken felt like a natural next location as there was already a community of riders who were getting their Soul fix in NYC. We're excited for the opportunity to cater to this audience as well as grow our following within the Hoboken community.

GJC: What is SoulCycle most looking forward to in opening this new location?

Cohen: We love that the studio is right in the heart of the city, amongst global eateries, bistros and bars and just steps from the Hudson River Waterfront Walkway. Hoboken is bustling with active individuals and we're eager to fold into their lives alongside a strong grouping of like-minded businesses.

GJC: You chose quite a hotspot for fitness - from the NYSC, Gravity Vault, The Fit Foundry, Hudson River Fitness, and SLT, do you have any plans to do events together?

Cohen: We're thrilled to join such a robust fitness community.

GJC: Many Hoboken/Jersey City residents commute into Manhattan to take their favorite Soul instructors. Can you shed any light on the vetting process for instructors at this location to entice readers to ride locally?

Cohen: Throughout all of our locations, we look for instructors who represent joy, strength, power, motivation, and positive energy. We can't wait for the Hoboken community to experience the strong lineup of instructors we have in store for them.

GJC: Are there any plans to expand SoulAnnex and incorporate that business model at a location like Hoboken's?

Cohen: Right now, we're focused on testing out the SoulAnnex program in NYC before expanding to other markets.

Interested in checking out the studio for yourself? They’re running a Soul Originals deal for $320. While the prices are steep in comparison to some other Hoboken studios, you’ll get 11 classes, swag, local deals, VIP perks, and a private ride for five of your BFF’s.

Do you plan to check out their Hoboken studio or stick with other local classes? Let us know in the comments!

P.S. Are you still waiting for the right time to fulfill that New Year’s resolution to get a new job? Keep an eye on the careers site at SoulCycle here

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