What I love about Jersey City – Mesmerizing Sunsets

The bright pink clouds look like they are bursting out of Manhattan, with the NY Waterway ferry boat making a bid for freedom back to the shores of Jersey City! One of my favorite photos.

I love how the vivid colors reflect on the water in the Marina in this shot.

A much cooler and varied sunset, with oranges, pinks, yellows, purples and blues exploding across the sky.

A horizontal rainbow sunset!

There is something calm about this shot of the sun coming down, reflecting along the Hudson as it does.

Hot pink! This is a sunset from the 80s ;-)

Loved the distinct layers of color in this shot with the brightest being reflected against the water in the Marina. The mast of the ship just breaks up the color and adds a bit of interest.

The Colgate Clock is an icon part of the Jersey City skyline, just as One World Trade, is an icon of the New York skyline.

Misty, moody and dark looking from the tip of Liberty State Park back to Warren Street

I loved the eerie yellow hue of this shot, with one solitary dog in the water amongst the ducks!

The sun dips below the trees along Morris Street making the sidewalk look warm and inviting.

I love how the beautifully round sun perfectly frames in the trees in this shot. I couldn’t have positioned it better with the trees framing it. The picture feels calm.

The bright white of the frozen Hudson river juxtaposes perfectly with the warmth of the sun as it sets behind the Colgate Clock, with those deep red and orange hues.

The little sailboats all lined up neatly at the front of this shot adds symmetry to this picture whilst the setting sun adds warmth.

I loved how the icy pavement and sky were almost the same color in this picture with a flash of sunset to separate the bottom from the top of this photo.

So purple… so pretty! The variation in color of the sunset here is quite spectacular and quite different to what we get in London. The brilliance of the purple sunset makes everything else in this picture also appear purple… purple is also my favorite color!

I loved how the sunset on the right of this picture looks like it’s exploded. Quite a dramatic shot, while the cool, calming green of the rocky shoreline adds contrast

Caroline Gourri will be sharing her view point of Jersey City in an on going photo blog series.

To see all her photos check out her instagram @sweetcarolinegourri. And to learn more about her check out our Contributors Page.

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