What I love about Jersey City – Epic Sunrises

1. I’m an early riser, which means I am often treated to the most beautiful sunrises. Normally I am rushing somewhere, so I don’t have long to take the snap! I took this photo because I loved the warm yellow contrast with the cool blue, across the Manhattan skyline.

2. A really early sunrise during winter. I loved how bright the orange was, showing how slowly the sun was coming up.

3. The clouds make this sunrise look quite dramatic. I loved the relative blurred lines on the left, in contrast to the quite sharp blue lines on the right.

4. The sun just peaks out from behind one of the office buildings towards the waterfront. I loved the bright burning yellow of the sun with the building blocking just enough light, allowing my lens to take the shot with some clarity.

5. I loved the reflection of the sun on the Paulus Hook ferry terminal building.

6. The plants framing the top and bottom really made this shot for me.

7. A super moody sunrise with the sun just starting to brighten the day

Caroline Gourri will be sharing her view point of Jersey City in an on going photo blog series.

To see all her photos check out her instagram @sweetcarolinegourri. And to learn more about her check out our Contributors Page.

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