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Single in the City are the dating stories of your neighbors and friends. Names have been changed and all are anonymous, but we can't wait to commiserate on the ridiculousness of dating.

There was a guy with a cute dog in his match photo. We talked a couple of times... and just as we were making a date, I asked about his dog... maybe like of what is your dog's name. (Can't recall exact question something I hadn't asked before...) Him: Huh? I don't have a dog. What dog? Me: Um. The dog in your photo? Him: why would you think that is my dog? Me: Him: I totally borrowed my friend's dog for the photo because he is cute. And you know. You get chicks that way. Me: Me: so you purposely lied in your match photo? Him: what is the big deal? Needless to say we did not have a first date.

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