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As the local retail stores start to pull our Holiday decorations, nearly the whole city of Jersey City prepares for something even shiner and brighter than those decorations - the Jersey City Arts Studio Tour! Jersey City Arts Studio Tour (JCAST) kicks off with the celebratory reception on Friday, October 13th at the Harborside Atrium from 6 - 9pm (tell me you did not see the invite on Facebook). Then the art party really starts the following day on Saturday, October 14 with the official art touring - Galleries, studios and homes will be open to the public on both Saturday, October 14th and Sunday, October 15th from noon until 6pm. Did you know that JCAST is in its 27th year? Due to the dedication of all the people involved, JCAST manages to top itself every year. All the people involved put their heart and soul into this event, and we thank you!

107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace presents two shows for JCAST 2017:

Hola Doctor (they sign up people for insurance through the Affordable Care Art) at 353 Central Avenue in Jersey City Heights called “The Color of Happiness” with seven New Jersey artists

107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace at 107 Bowers Street called “Visualize” with six Jersey City artists.

We posed the question to several artists - “What excites you about JCAST?”

What excites me (Owner and Curator of 107 Bowers) about JCAST you ask? If you follow 107 Bowers Gallery on Instagram, you are familiar with a favorite hashtag of ours: #seearteveryday. We use that to remind us to take a moment out of the day to see art. It doesn’t need to be the traditional art - something that brings you a breath of fresh air - that moment of happiness, relief or silence. We need to take that moment in; it is what helps us get by in these insane times. Jersey City has an amazing array of talented artists and these artists give us art to see everyday.

JCAST is also the time to talk about art. Not just to the people you talked to about art at your normal art events, but new people that you have never met before or never talked about art with. Talk with people about how art impacts your life; talk about what the art represents. Talk about the feelings over a particular piece - what moved you? Or why didn’t it? Talking about art can help you find your voice, change your mind, or impact someone else’s thoughts.

JCAST weekend is going to be an amazing time to celebrate Jersey City and all our artists. As we will be at 107 Bowers Gallery & ArtSpace, come by to see us. Tell us all about the super cool pieces of art that you see or experience. Don’t be afraid to show photos, tell stories, and let us know if you are considering adding to your art collection so we can celebrate with you. Remember #seearteveryday !

“The Color of Happiness”

Cheryl Gross

Fine Art Illustrator

JCAST is important because it's exposure for Jersey City artists of all levels. It brings the masses to Jersey City who otherwise would not know the artist community exists.

Erin A. DeLaney


I started with JCAST as a gallery-goer. I got the map and plotted a course never knowing if I would end up at an art gallery, an artist's studio, or in someone's kitchen! I met a lot of creative locals this way. In 2014, I was invited to put up photos in a group show at Bloomsbury Square's space in Jersey City Heights and also in the City's community JCAST space. JCAST became the way for me to get a start in the Jersey City art scene!


Enrico Gomez

Artist and Curator

As both an artist and a resident of Jersey City, I think the value of an art event like JCAST can't be overstated. A weekend where over 500 artists open their studios to the general public and nearly 200 art events, via galleries and art spaces are offered to people, creates real opportunities for dialogue and cultural interaction. The city is enriched from this type of exchange. Some of my earliest exposure to what an artist's studio looks like, where artists make their actual work and what it might feel to be a real artist, came through open studio events similar to JCAST (only then offered in my residence Phoenix, AZ when I was but a budding creative and curious adolescent).

The art offerings within every neighborhood in Jersey City underscores the universal truism that we are a community - a vibrant and thriving city. This is because of the breadth and diversity of who lives and works here; and artists, gallerists, designers, craftspeople and artisans make up such an important and vital part of that larger whole. I think Jersey City has such incredible art and culture and it's so great that an event like JCAST, gives not only the residents, but everybody else, an occasion to explore and experience it.

Donna Greenberg Arts

JCAST is a completely unique venue for the arts. It’s a wonderful egalitarian event allowing new and experienced artists a chance to show their work alongside each other in an exciting environment close to home. Having such support from our local community is a rare thing in the art world at large and we, in Jersey City, are fortunate to have such a welcoming environment in which to display our art, which includes, visual, film, music, installation and digital art. The organizational efforts get better each year and the outreach is phenomenal , especially when you consider how many volunteers are involved. Viva JCAST!

Jean-Antoine Norbert


I am from Switzerland and now live in Jersey City. I recently discovered JCAST. I realized participating in JCAST is as interesting to me as pursuing an international art career. I am excited to be a part of it!

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