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Finding passion is what Stephanie Scott, the CEO and Communicator in Chief of First and Last PR, did when she started in the beauty PR industry. She took what she learned and started her own business. She is a Jersey City transplant who loves the vibrancy of Jersey City and finally moved her business here. The team at First and Last PR is small but mighty, earning high accolades and competing against top firms in the industry. Because of their continual learning and desire to help others, First and Last PR Foundation was created to help those in the industry understand how to further their careers and help others.

Join us as we learn more about Scott and First and Last Pr....

How did the company start?

When I think about it, I’ve always had an entrepreneurial point of view. Even going back to grade school, I’ve always been full of ideas and the willingness to try new things. In my career I started out as a beauty editor and then transitioned to the global director of marketing and communications for luxury skincare company 3LAB. I loved working in PR, but always thought that I had to wait to own my own company. I received a call from a friend to take a meeting, which turned into a job offer to work with Usher on his OMG Tour - talk about OMG for real! I took a hiatus from beauty for the global tour and learned so much!! The tour was extremely successful (one of the top three grossing tours according to Billboard) and I experienced a lot.

When the tour ended, I knew that I could do anything and the timing was perfect to finally step out and launch First and Last PR to be an amazing traditional public relations and digital marketing company specializing in the beauty industry,

What sets First and Last PR apart from other PR companies?

There are a lot of great companies out there all offering different options - many of whom I’ve worked with when I was a beauty editor. One thing that was really important to me when I opened First and Last PR is that we tailored our services to the client’s needs. To do this, we specialized in our practice and cater specifically to the beauty industry. We nurture our relationships rather than being spread too thin. We are also extremely hands-on and believe in giving impeccable service to our clients.

Tell us about your connection to Jersey City - why did you choose Jersey City to house your office?

I’m originally from New Jersey and think that Jersey City is just amazing! There’s so much growth here and so many people with good hearts and great ideas. I thought about moving here ten years ago and never really let the idea out of my heart. Jersey City has everything - great people, community and other small businesses that are thriving.

What makes Jersey City special to you/the company?

The food! We are all foodies.I love being able to grab a bite with the team when we brainstorm ideas or while working. Seriously, it’s all about the energy of the city - it’s so good! We’ve met so many nice people who’ve lived here for generations and love the city but also newer implants, like me, who are adding to the city in their own way. I also love its diversity and all of the hidden gems. I sat on the pier one day taking in the day and felt like I was on vacation listening to the waves and watching the boats go by.

You have won some awards recently - what do these awards mean to the company?

Everything! They look so pretty glistening on our office shelves. If you look at us in numbers, we’re a smaller company compared to some global agencies with hundreds or thousands of employees, but I like us being more hands-on and personal with our business. For us to win an award by our industry colleagues, experts in their own right, it means that we stepped out to do something different and we’re doing something right. I don’t know that we “needed” them, but it sure is nice to have them :)

Your company focuses on beauty PR, any advice for entrepreneurs looking to grow their business in this category?

My advice to entrepreneurs is to write your plan and stick to it - with some flexibility. Don’t wait for perfection, but be aware of where you want to go. Always provide more than your client asks for and don’t lower your price (or standards) to chase a check. If you believe in what you do and work hard, all things will come to you at the right time. Lastly, do your research. Get to know the industry - trends, leaders, shows, etc. - to develop your voice.

And you can volunteer with First and Last PR Foundation ( for more experience or to meet people within our industry!

First and Last PR Foundation just launched, what are the goals of the non-profit?

Our goal is to empower women and men entering into or looking to excel within the communications and cosmetics industries. This is a very hard industry to get in with hustle alone (or no hustle at all) so we hope to provide resources, guidance, and experience that will help to prepare the next entry to mid-level employees to be the best that they can be.

What can they look forward to if they participate in the foundation?

Fun! We have different committees and are always looking for new ideas and new voices. We held our first fundraiser, Fit & Fun with Miss Ksyn, on Saturday, September 23rd at Ripley Grier studios in the city. It’s a dance class led by Miss Ksyn who is one of Beyonce’s dancers and super nice. We decided to hold this class and fundraise and inspire team building for all. It was a girls night out where you dance in heels for dancers and non-dancers alike.

On the website it says you are looking for volunteers, what kind of volunteers are you looking for?

We are! We are looking for volunteers on the creative and business sides including public relations, social media, fundraising and research. Please shoot us a note if you’re interested - we’d love to hear from you.

Photos were provided by First and Last PR

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