From Massage Therapy to Body Scrubs - Connecting Businesses with Tashia Zeno

When thinking of who makes up Jersey City, the first thing people will say in unison is “Hustlers!” Many of us have multiple jobs, different business ventures, work with different people, and continually look for ways to be innovative and inspiring. Tashia Zeno fits the bill of a businesswoman with nothing slowing her down -- she created one business out of the need of another with Tashia’s Touch Mobile Massage Therapy and PURA Bodyscrubs, in addition to being a full-time mom.

What makes the product so special and why are we now devoted buyers?

First, it is run by a female entrepreneur supporting her family! “As a mother first and foremost, I wear many hats, so I've mastered how to handle various tasks and prioritize very quickly in life. I do my best everyday for my child and never give up. I also have an amazing family that supports and helps me in following my entrepreneurial dreams,” said Zeno. Second, it is local and natural and I always try to go local and natural/organic with our products.** Third, Zeno will do custom orders due to allergies and sensitivities, which is HUGE for us as someone who is allergic to coconut and almonds. Fourth, it is a great product and something that Zeno stands behind. “I would love to share our philosophy with the world that ‘Beauty can be pure and simple’ as we like to say ‘LA CURA ES PURA,’ the cure is PURA,” said Zeno.

How local is local? Zeno lives in the Heights and is very proud of her Hudson County locale,“I love my city, it is vibrant, creative and family friendly.” When we asked her about her favorite places, she listed places all over Hudson County, “I love Mana Contemporary for art inspiring mother/daughter dates.

Riverview Fisk Park for its farmers markets and unique goods and Downtown JC and Hoboken for drinks, nightlife and great food. I love Union City for their unbeatable shopping district - Bergenline Avenue. Port Imperial in Weehawken for its waterfront and breathtaking skyline views. Hudson County is a great diverse county with lots to do and discover if you haven't visited, you must!”

Does she really make custom orders?

Literally everything is made from scratch with a base that works for you and your sensitivities. PURA Bodyscrubs was created when Zeno was recommending Epsom salts and other natural remedies to her massage clients for their ailments. She decided to start experimenting as she had “learned how to make bodyscrubs at massage therapy school and decided to start … creating my own blends and formulas. My clients fell in #ScrubLove and that's how PURA Bodyscrubs was born ... (and) Yes we do customize our scrubs to our match our client's individual skin needs and make sure we are aware of any skin sensitivities or allergies beforehand.”

I love finding great and affordable products that can work for you and your lifestyle! As Zeno put it, “PURA ‘The Every Body Scrub’ is made for people who not only care about what goes IN their bodies, but ON it as well! We do not any use chemicals, artificial dyes, additives or preservatives. We combine nature’s healing properties and use essential oils and the best raw, pure, unrefined and organic products in our body scrubs.” She is open to working with local entrepreneurs and include them in her products (Oh! Honey, do I see a collaboration?).

With Zeno’s Massage Therapy business, she provides a mobile service all over Hudson County as she understands people’s schedules and limitations in getting to a massage location. With Mobile Massage Therapy, “we bring the spa experience to our clients without them ever having to leave the comfort of their homes. Massage Therapy was a career that always interested me, I was injured in an accident and received PT and Massage Therapy and saw how beneficial bodywork was in my recovery as an alternative pain management and decided to pursue it to help others.”

What are the goals of PURA?

Future goals for PURA include an extensive line of skincare products ranging from face and body and hair and to work with more local entrepreneurs. Currently, they are working with Square Diamond Vision Media Company, TC Photography, Ecoutez Events, Paper Miche Clothing and Apparel, and Lavish Hair Studio.

While I have not had the pleasure of having a massage, I was able to try some of Pura Bodyscrubs products and can say that they were amazing! Zeno describes PURA as, “ all natural-hand crafted skincare line with proprietary blends and products to balance the mind, body and soul.” The Miel Morena Sugar Face Scrub is actually edible. After using this, my face was so soft and bright afterwards; I will definitely be purchasing this. I also tried the Lavenda, Cura, Barro body scrubs. So much dirt came off! And while I am normally wary of exfoliating because of dry skin and itchiness, this was not only exfoliating, but hydrating too.

The team at Growing in Jersey City is so happy to have found Zeno and Pura Bodyscrubs and to add them to our list of local products we use. We hope you will try their product and find them during the local markets this fall.

Additional photos provided by Tashia Zeno

**(my soap is the Stella Bella from Taproots Organics and I buy my face products from friends at Sunpop Beauty, a small women-owned business, not to mention all of my local jewelry!)

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