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August 10, 2017

After knowing about Jersey City Chiropractic and Acupuncture for five months, I finally made an appointment at the office - this was one of the many positive decisions I made to get my body back on track. I originally met Dr. Bariso when they participated in GJC Wellness Day with raffles and goodie bag items. They also participated in GJC Pampering Day and provided ear acupressure to all of the guests (mine stayed on for a week and I tried to keep the points activated) and more goodies for our goodie bags.


The JC Chiro & Acupuncture office is located on West Side Avenue right off of Sip Ave. It is about a ten minute walk from Journal Square and I love visiting this part of Jersey City. I walked by an old monastery, diners, the “downtown” section of JSQ, and gorgeous murals – all of these are the reasons I fell in love with Jersey City (I moved to JSQ when I first moved to Jersey City).

Jersey City Chiro and Acupuncture is a 30-year old family business started by the now owner Dominique Basario’s parents, both of whom are chiropractors. She grew up in the apartment above the practice and the building is still owned by her family. Her father is retired and her mother, Dr. Maria Crincoli, comes to the office a few times a week. Bariso originally had no desire to be a chiropractor, but when she was pre-med and doing a year of research she felt like something was missing. That something was human contact and through some soul searching, she realized she did want to become a chiropractor. She went to Bridgeport University for an integrated approach and studied both chiropractic and acupuncture. She is active in the community and often participates in business and health events throughout the city.


Bariso takes a different approach to chiropractic than what I have experienced before. The reason for this is two-fold. First, she doesn’t want to force an adjustment, so she uses an adjustment gun instead of manually adjusting her patients. This allows for a more focused adjustment. She also won’t force your neck to adjust. She wants our bodies to be ready to release so that we can hold the adjustment. Second, she is a smaller woman and wants to protect herself from injury so she can continue to treat her patients. During an appointment, she will integrate chiropractic and acupuncture. I personally have gotten needles, cupping, adjustments, muscle release machine, and am waiting for the next fun thing.


I was also adjusted by Dr. Crincoli. She takes a more traditional chiropractic approach with adjustments, vitamins, and understanding the body. She was able to adjust my very stuck neck, but instead of moving me to a new position, told me to lie there to let me neck set. She also told me to get ginger essential oils to warm my body up as I am often cold and some natural herbs to calm my system (and they have been working!).


I loved the experience of being worked on by both doctors and seeing their different methods. Each session has been eye opening and I can feel my body changing. My body is often very receptive to body work, however I have not felt the needles work in a way like this before (it may be because I am getting other body work done and it is getting integrated). I can feel every point activating, the medians releasing energy, and when she cups I definitely get the bruising. I go home feeling super relaxed and my body does not feel like it has been crunched or uncrunched from the adjustment. My stress levels have decreased and I am dealing with stress in a different way. I greatly look forward to my sessions every two weeks!


I spoke to Beth Achenbach, a friend of GJC and

a patient of Bariso, to find out about her experience with Jersey City Chiropractic and Acupuncture. She had only great things to say - “I had been dealing with a chronic pain in my lower abdomen for over a year and even after they finally removed my appendix I was still having pain. Acupuncture had been on my mind for a while and was even mentioned by my Primary Doctor as an option to avoid venturing into more conventional pain management. I also was thinking about consulting a chiropractor so when I randomly came across a post from Jersey City Chiropractic and Acupuncture on Instagram one day, I was happy to see both in one practice! I immediately contacted Dr. Bariso and asked about her rates as well as letting her know that I wasn't sure whether I needed acupuncture or chiropractic. She was very kind and answered all my questions via email and we even set up my first appointment! After two visits, I knew I was in good hands when Dr. Bariso looked at me and said ‘I'm determined to get to the bottom of this.’  I have no doubt that anyone that goes there will be getting the best care that she can give and

that is truly something special.”


To learn about the services JC Chiro & Acupuncture provides and to book an appointment, visit their website


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