Theatre in the Heights Series Launch

On August 25th, No Dominion Theatre and Growing in Jersey City joined forces the series launch of Theatre in the Heights at The Hutton. With over 30 people in attendance the inaugural event was a hit.

No Dominion Theatre is a theater company based in Northern New Jersey (home base is JC heights) run by Kailtin Overton and Michael Joel. They bring a diverse perspective to theater with their Hatch Series and multiple performances in the Solitude House in High Bridge, New Jersey. No Dominion Theatre Co. “Is Dedicated To Eradicating The Notion Of Limits Within Theatre Artistry Utilizing A Versatile Ensemble That Aims To Reflect The Immediate Truth. Whatever That Means."

They have teamed up with GJC to produce Theatre in the Heights bringing different readings to different locations throughout Jersey City Heights. When GJC was approached by No Dominion, we knew we wanted to work with them. Overton explains, "The goal of this new series is to bring original theatre and local actors and playwrights to the Jersey City Heights area, as well as showcase small local businesses!"

For the reading reading, No Dominion read selected scenes from some of their past productions: One. Four. (Zero). by Michael Joel, Departure by Kaitlin Overton and the company, Help me out here by Michael Joel and Kaitlin Overton, and a Prophecy by Christine 'Chandy' Bennett that was presented as part of our live Facebook event Inauguration Day.

Special thanks Leah Blesoff and the whole team at The Hutton, ISO Photography, Sean Tobin, and Amy Chu.

We are currently looking for original pieces for our next Theatre in The Heights event, TBD on dates. Please contact No Dominion at if you are interested.

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