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I believe in getting away, even if it is for a day, to rest and recharge. Sometimes I can’t take a long trip for many reasons such as prior engagements, lack of vacation days, lack of funds, et cetera. Day Trippers NJ is a great and inexpensive way to get some R&R and to get away for the day. The trip to Asbury Park cost $25 and took an hour and fifteen minutes to get there. If one were to take a train, it would've taken much longer. With Day Trippers NJ, it is direct transport with a little more fun.

The following is a recount of my trip with Day Trippers NJ and why I would absolutely do it again!

My day started with waiting in anticipation for the bus -- I happened to be the only pick up in Hoboken. Once on the bus, I met the owner Chris, said hello to some familiar faces, and sat down with my friend Amy. During the entire ride, the bus played summer hits and everyone was singing in their seats, not yet dancing (but we will be later). The tricked-out bus was decked out in summer attire and had wifi and plugs for phones.

Once we got to the beach, we were told that we could come back at 6pm to drop off our bags before we went to dinner. We ate lunch and stayed on the boardwalk for a little, waiting to see if the weather would pass. At one point, it did start to rain lightly, but we decided to go on the beach.

We chatted on the beach and FINALLY the sun came out and I, in true “it’s cloudy out fashion,” got a small sunburn. We took naps and when we awoke it was crepe time! From there we met up with the bus and went to the Asbury Biergarten to see how it stacked up to the Pilsner House in Hoboken and Zeppelin Hall in Jersey City. It was definitely the place to be and we had good service and food.

We came back to the bus and the most unexpected thing happened -- it started pouring the moment we got to the bus and a double rainbow appeared. I missed the one that happened in June in Jersey City so I was super excited. While I normally sleep and relax on the way home from any trip, Chris decided to pump up the volume and the female powerhouse singers flowed from the stereos! I requested some Britney and everyone was living it up like we were on a camp trip! In the process of losing our voices, we met Dahlia who came with her partner and took amazing photos, only using her Android with photo attachments. In true GJC fashion, we asked if we could use some of her beautiful work.

Once the bus landed in Grove Street, we got drinks at LITM with Chris, the owner, and I learned so much about him. He is a Jersey City Native who is cousins with author of the book “The Five Finger Discount.” He is a well-known documentarian, teaches at NJCU, and has presented Ted Talks. He has a weird accent because he lived in Great Britain for six years and can do a Scottish accent like it’s no one’s business. He is so confident in who is he and what he wants to do that his energy is truly infectious. He is also a board member-alum of the BIKE JC board and is very active in the LGBTQ+ community.

He started Day Trippers because “three trains later and we’re still a mile from the [Asbury Park] beach. Got me thinking… Why can’t the trip between both cities be as unique, fun and entertaining as the cities themselves? Little time passed before I thought of a host of other fun-filled destinations equally distinct and desirable as a day spent in the City by the Sea. I added a school bus and some quirky perks for good measure and created an intoxicating cocktail that’s equal parts fun, nostalgia, convenience and affordability.”

The bus is affectionately named after his mother, Maggie May. As Chris described it, “Our hip whip of art on wheels, is a Bluebird Vision School Bus with original red, leather seats and wood-panel siding. Rich with nostalgia and comfort, Maggie May has space for 41 Day Trippers. Painted by local, Jersey City artist Norm Kirby (you can find his tape art all over the city), her macromatic and color exterior are a modern take on razzle dazzle battleships and the yachts painted by artist Jeff Koons: on a much tighter budget. If you don’t know either, I suggest you ask google shortly.”

What can you do with Day Trippers? You can take one of their pre-planned trips all summer or you can work with them for your event to provide transportation (corporate, wedding, fun times). You can find them on the street at Jersey City Pride Festival on August 26th.

We cannot wait to go on another trip with Day Trippers, who is coming with us?

Dalhia Holmes is passionately curious human. Photos 90% taken with SamsungNote3/4/5/7/S7Edge/S8+

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