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Someone posted in a facebook we are part of that they wanted to do a rain photoshoot; they had never done one before and thought it would be super cool. We reached out to that someone, Bridget Saldarriaga, who is the owner of Into Eternity Photography, to see if she would be interested in working with Growing in Jersey City. While we tried to schedule a rain shoot, the rain didn’t really want to cooperate. Instead, we decided to do a fitness shoot and then follow with the Harborside Run shoot with Jesse Barton and Whealth and Co.

The shoot was perfect. The overcast day turned into pure sunlight reflecting on the water in front of Exchange Place to New York City. We did shots of our Editor on the pier and then of the whole group to showcase the Run the Harborside. Saldarriaga is an amazing photographer and did anything to get the shot - below us on the ground, weird positions, all while waiting for the people to pass. She has such a light and joy and you can tell she loves photography -- after the shoot, she went to the aquarium with her family and took more shots of her family

When we met her at Harborside and asked where she came from she said, “The Heights!” It turns out Saldarriaga lives around the corner from our editor-in-chief Jenna and loves The Heights as much as we do. Saldarriaga and her husband moved to Jersey City in 2012 from Union City when they outgrew their tiny studio apartment. They found their current home and loved the commute time to work and have lived here ever since.

Saldarriaga works full-time, but photography is her passion and she does beautiful work. She has “always loved taking pictures. I remember buying disposable cameras, taking tons of pictures of friends, and going to get them developed at the store. I would choose the 1 hour option and get doubles, just in case someone wanted a copy.” While she says the pictures were horrible, “the memories were priceless and worth capturing.” She decided to go into photography professionally when she was asked by her sister-in-law to be the photographer for her wedding. “It reignited the passion I had for capturing memories, and that was the beginning of what would eventually become Into Eternity Photography.”

Her favorite shoots are weddings and engagement sessions because “I am a romantic.” Every couple has their own identity and she loves showcasing that through the photos.

What draws her to photography is that it is more than an image, “It is art.” She is able to capture a moment that may have been forgotten. “A couple years ago, I was working a wedding where the bride and groom lit a candle for the bride's brother who had passed away. I captured the moment for them, and it brought the bride to tears. She was so grateful.”

Saldarriaga is lucky to have her husband as a second shooter on events when she needs him, but Into Eternity is her business and he knows she is the boss. The biggest challenges they have had are minor, “We actually flow really well together. He knows that this business is my baby, and he supports me completely in it. If I need him to do anything, he does it.” The name Into Eternity Photography is a sweet gesture to her husband. “It was taken from the end of my husband's wedding vows: ‘From now into eternity, for as long as we both shall live.’”

She feels so empowered to be a woman business owner. “I'm in a profession where people look to me to, not just take photographs, but to make sure they never forget what they wore, how they felt, who they loved, and who was with them to share in these moments. I am invited to share in these moments in their lives and I'm grateful and humbled to be chosen to do so.”

We are so excited to have met Saldarriaga and to have a photographer so close to home! Not to mention, she loves doing Jersey City things like going to Liberty State Park, hanging out at the Newport Mall (aren’t we all mallrats?), and going to their church, Hope Center Tabernacle. And her two year old daughter is the cutest and they go to the Lafayette Pool and explore the parks around the city. They are so excited to be able to “take her to Liberty Science Center soon to experience what they have to offer.”

We are excited to see more fun shoots as Saldarriaga explores photography beyond weddings and engagements. We are glad we found her and experienced her amazing photography, business ethic, and joy for her passion.

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