GJC Pampering Day Recap

Growing in Jersey City has been on a wellness kick, which has now become a wellness journey for the team. We love a good doughnut, macaroni and cheese from Nicole’s Caribbean, and sourdough baguettes from Choc-o-Pain, but we also love our morning smoothies, workouts with Jesse Barton, and making our bodies feel better. We connected with many wellness and health-focused businesses in Jersey City such as Liberty Pilates, Primal Feel, Zumba Kid Friendly, and Crag Fitness. We joined Sobrie-Tea founder, Tawny Lara, on where to go in Jersey City if you don’t want to drink and meditated and self-reflected with Laurel Silverman, our resident meditation specialist (click here to see all of our healthy living stories).

Our first event was our GJC Wellness Day in January 2016 -- this was a full day of fitness, eating, and healthy living. While the day was a great success, we wanted our next event to be a bit shorter and more relaxed. So, GJC Pampering Day was realized and produced for a spring event. We had an amazing day on May 22, 2017 and the weather was perfect. With 15 guests present, the event was hosted in a private home in Jersey City Heights in a gorgeous updated, open kitchen and living room that led to a relaxing backyard. Everyone was so excited to experience the different businesses we brought together that we eventually had to kick everyone out!

We want to thank our hosts who allowed us to trash their house and get hand massages and drink kombucha in a beautiful setting. We also want to thank the guests who got one-on-one experiences, bought a lot of chocolate and candles, and we all learned from A Green Unicorn that we need to drink more water.

Most of the businesses who participated in GJC Pampering Day were brand-new and others were looking to grow their presence in the Jersey City market scene. We love bringing new vendors and businesses to our readers and followers because small businesses are the backbone of Jersey City. We hope to continue to foster beautiful relationships with these businesses and bring new, creative vendors onto your radar.

So who was involved?

A Green Unicorn was the first business I asked to participate. She came to GJC Wellness Day and told us that she was getting her certification and diving right in. We were excited! They are a fitness and nutrition business that focuses on making eating and exercising easier in our busy lives. They talked about how to eat healthy and stay healthy in the summer, especially when we have barbecues and unlimited food (and desserts)!

Jersey City Acupuncture and Chiropractic is our new chiropractor. She did seed auricular acupressure, which means she put seeds on acupuncture points instead of needles in our ears. She really spent time understanding each participant's stressors and needs. My seeds stayed on for a week and I kept pressing them to activate them.

Loosen Up JC is a brand-new massage therapy studio and communal space. We are so excited to be working with them on future events at their space. They gave lovely hand massages and since they brought two massage therapists, everyone felt like royalty. The owner Dominique wants her space to be used by the community and hopes to share her work with you.

Non-Nocere is locally-made Kombucha that got their wholesale license the week before we had our event. We met them at The Cliff opening party where they will be selling their product. They brought 5 delicious flavors and I have been taking my dosage every few days. Kombucha promotes gut health through a fermentation process of sugar (it’s weird but so good) and the drink comes out a little fizzy.

Elements Truffles is a chocolatier combining ayurvedic methods, meditative practices, and the joys of chocolate. They did a sampling of their five chocolate bars and the raspberry beetroot sold out! We all hung out by the samples nabbing bites because it is so good. Check out their website at:

Little Batch Candle Co. we absolutely love and have been working with for awhile. They worked with us for GJC Wellness Day and provided little votives and discounts for both events. Because this company tested the votives with us for GJC Wellness Day, they now give a votive with every purchase. Little Batch had a whole plan to work with each guest to figure out what candle they should buy based on the scents they like, but instead we just smelled every candle and fell in love. The company sold out of a few scents as people bought multiples!!

Stationed next to Little Batch Candle Co. was The Oil Wells Jersey City. They create their own essential oils and sources them from the purest sources. I loved the tobacco scents and of course lavender. Everyone got a sage smudge stick in their goodie bag, which is like a sage smudge bundle cleanser, but it also promotes creativity.

Fierce Make Up by Sasha gave our participants consultations on their eyebrows and how to make their skin look better with make up. Working out of Eye Candy Bar Lash Bar on Central, Sasha has taken her makeup and eyelash business to the next level (we have known her since our Zumba Days).

We want to give a shout out to our RAFFLES and everyone who attended GJC Pampering Day got to take one of these amazing raffle boxes home: Happy Box Store Box, A Petal to Pedal Floral Arrangement , Eye Candy Lash Bar Gift Certificate, Shop with Cat Free Consultation and Discounts, Lillian Bustle Free Tickets to Speakeasy Burlesque, Zumba Kid Friendly Zumba Classes, Jessica Namit Yoga One on One Meditation, Charley and Hudson Jersey City Tank, Noellery Face Masks, and Lulu Fête Balloon Decorations.

Thank you to Van Hook Cheese for a delicious spread; to Matcha Now by Buddha Teas for the delicious new Green Tea Drink, and to Bob Boudreau for sponsoring the champagne.

Sadly, we only have photos before everyone got there and some during, but we were having so much fun and learning and schmoozing that we don’t have a lot of photos of people. Next time we will make sure everyone has their cameras out! Also, check out the interview of editor in chief, Jenna Firshein, from Hudson TV.

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