Hudson County Social - Refining Your Napkin Pitch

Connecting people was one of the reasons we started Growing in Jersey City. There is so much that happens in the city and so many people that there is no way every person will know everyone (some of us do try). But thanks to meet ups, Facebook groups, and in person groups we are trying to bridge the gap and have like minded people come together.

Hudson County Social - Media Mastermind Groupwas created for just that reason. We bring together creatives and media types on Facebook and then have in person meetings and workshops as well. Most recently Kristin DeAngelis, the owner of 107 Bowers Gallery and Art Space, gave us a workshop on Building the Brand of You - Refining Your Napkin Pitch. We had 20 people, mostly artists and creatives, learning about what it takes to understand who we are and how to have that come across.

We always like to start our meet ups with lots of food, drinks, and talking. Everyone got to know the other people in the group and connect with people outside their normal genre of connection. When we did start the workshop, we made sure everyone introduced themselves and shared why they were here. We had a glass blower, a watercolorist, a jewelry designer, multiple photographers, bloggers, clothing designer, news reporter, and a few local businesses.

Kristin has been in the marketing world for a long time with her full-time career. She takes this mentality and brings it to the Gallery and the artists she works with. What I took away from the workshop was that is it so important to know who you are and what your goals are. From there, everything else is cake. (And no matter how many time you hear this, it is so important to be reminded because we do forget or do go off course). She gave us a step by step guide on how to think about creating our napkin pitch and a number of good books and readings to look into.

We hope you will join us for the next Hudson County Social meet up on June 1st at 6:30pm at Lackawanna Coffee. This is a casual meet up to introduce ourselves and talk about what we are working on.

There are so many group on Facebook and on Meet up so please be sure to scout and find the group that works for you and if there isn’t a group, be brave and create one yourself!

Dulce De LecheThank you to for providing the food and Shirley Parcon, Wine Consultant for several new and old world wineries, for the delicious wine.

All the photos were provided by Love Your Light Photos.

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