Change that Goddamned Light!

Sometimes life requires action.

This is something that many of us in Jersey City take seriously and strive towards building a better community. Whether it be a soup kitchen, women’s group, one of the numerous neighborhood associations, and the new civil rights groups we make sure we stand up for what needs to be changed.

In April 2017, after receiving a phone call from NJ Transit, I decided something needed to change.

The Issue: The light at the HBLR crossing will stay red for 10 minutes with no train in sight. The lights then reset and by the time it has gone through the cycle another train is coming and no cars got through on the main thoroughfare.

The light is controlled by Hudson County.

The crossing light is controlled by a contractor through NJ Transit.

NJ Transit says "Look with have reports of waiting, long times, and no trains." The contractor says, "Nothing is wrong, the light is like that for safety reason," no reason to change. Hudson County says "ok."

I decided to take things into my own hands and create a petition. For reference, I no longer take the 87 Bus in the morning because of the traffic and take the jitney to Port Authority and have basically halved my time even though I have to walk way more.

I need your help – to sign and comment and share. The more people that sign this, the more they will look at it. Who is they? Every councilmember and freeholder in the area is on it. Every relevant Hudson County representative is on it. And they get sent updates because I included their emails. Unfortunately, their meetings are at 4 (but also at 6 too) so I am unable to go because of my work schedule. However if you are able to go, let’s make our voices heard. To see there schedule -


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