For Thought: JC Arts Senior Show Reception

The Jersey City ARTS High School Program is a conservatory for students advanced in the visual and performing arts. Since 1981 their mission has been to facilitate the development of artistic excellence by surpassing the norm and attaining college acceptances and scholarships in the arts. This four-year program is open to all highly talented college bound students in Jersey City.

I have worked with the JC ARTS program and their teachers, Caroline Frazier and Jessica Ward-Wells, in past years. When we launched 107 Bowers Gallery, I knew we needed to partner with them to show their work. They have so much energy and talent; it energizes me to work with them!

JC Arts Exhibition: May 8th through May 14th

Opening Reception:

Thursday, May 11th:

4pm – 5:30pm

Featuring artists: Franyelly Rodriguez, Jina Alhenawi, Shawna Reid

JC Arts Exhibition: May 15th through May 22nd

Opening Reception:

Thursday, May 18th:

4pm – 5:30pm

Featuring artists: Marinelle Manansala, Vanessa Hondoy, Jorelle Rea, Jia Jia Zhong

Jina Alhenawi

Art School Fall 2017: Rhode Island School of Design

Art is important to me because it's something that makes me feel comfortable at home and wherever I go. I learned all my current skills at the JCARTS program and they are my art family.

I am inspired by Elizabeth Peyton, Lee Friedlander, Käthe Kollwitz.

Vanessa Hondoy

Art School Fall 2017: Rhode Island School of Design

Art is important to me because of the doors it has opened in life. Art has made my life more fulfilling, allowed me to meet people who I otherwise wouldn't have met through art, and has improved the quality of my life. I truly couldn't imagine world without art.

The artist that inspire me the most are my friends who inspire to work on improving myself every day. I also admire artist such as Gustav Kilmt, Roger Dean, John Scueler, and Kiki Smith for their artistic talents.

Marinelle Manansala

Art School Fall 2017: I am deciding between Fashion Institute of Technology and Rutgers Mason Gross.

Art is my form of expression and meditation. When I create art, I push all of my problems to the back of my mind. I create a whole story and mood on something that was just a blank white canvas. I love how art makes people communicate with one another and shows individuality.

I am inspired by all of my art teachers from the JC Arts Program. They share their knowledge and help the students become the best that they can be while still showing passion with creating pieces on their own free time. Their dedication and love for art has motivated me to go after my dreams and keep moving toward my goals.

Vanessa Hondoy, Jorelle Rea, JiaJia Zhong, Marinelle Manansala

Jorelle Rea

Art School Fall 2017: Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, New York

To me, art is freedom because no one can tell me what to do. It is just me and my thoughts, transferring expressions to a visual form. Art is unique to every individual with their own aesthetic and style that reflects the artist themselves and who they are.

I am inspired by animators such as Hayao Miyazaki and Monty Oum. Some artists on Instagram; littlethunder, Nicolas.Nemiri, yoyothericecorpse and owlturdcomix.

Shawna Reid

Art School Fall 2017: PAFA (Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts)

Art is important to me because it helps me speak my mind. Since I am not very good actually speaking, art helps me convey how I really feel.

My artistic inspiration is Rembrandt because I admire his eerie portraiture's.

Franyelly Rodriguez

Art School Fall 2017: Rhode Island School of Design

My Art is a response to the world around me. I pay close attention, observe and translate what I see into a more comprehensive visual language - a language that allows me to open up a dialog; granting me a platform to voice my opinions and concerns. Without art I would have no voice. Kerry James Marshall is my greatest inspiration. He understands the importance of creating with purpose; of using art as a tool to expose society’s preconceptions of people of color, and in doing so validates their importance.

Jia Jia Zhong

Art School Fall 2017: Design school at Drexel University

Art is important because it's a thought bubble where I can channel my inner inspirations and creativity into a web of ideals; everything starts with a form, an inspiration, and a use. It is the core of a blueprint that extends into the fields of math and science, upbringing itself as a creation.

Being a person interested in designing garments and drawing as well, I enjoy looking at impressionist works of art. One of my favorite painters is Auguste Renoir.

Jina Alhenawi, Franyelly Rodriguez, Shawna Reid

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