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Jersey City is pretty special. We have so many opportunities around the corner from where we live to be part of the community and help in whatever capacity we can. There is a renewed sense of purpose and zest for giving back once spring starts and Earth Day really is the kick off. I want to share a number of options for you to get your fill of volunteering, new friends, and being outside.

To give a little background on my volunteering history, when I moved to The Heights in 2010, it was the first year the Farmer’s Market happened. Every farmer’s market, someone from the Riverview Neighborhood Association would want to chat with me, but my landlord had already signed me up for the Riverview Neighborhood Association Newsletters, so I already was reading what was going on; or so I thought. I decide to go to the Christmas/Holiday Party that year because well… free food. I met friends that night that are some of my closest friends today and decided I was going to come back. In the January meeting, I became the head of the social committee and produced multiple events including game night, the networking night, and what has become the Ogden's End Oktoberfest Fundraiser. Then I joined the board as the secretary and followed by Director at Large/Volunteer Coordinator.

I have always been active in the community that I surround myself with. I am so glad I was able to be a board member and see the inside workings of a neighborhood association in Jersey City. However, in 2015 I took a break because I was also on the board of my condo association and I needed to focus on getting my building to a better place. Then in 2016, I started Growing in Jersey City and was sharing Jersey City through my eyes. I was reinvigorated; sharing the stories of the amazing people we call neighbors and bringing awareness across different areas of Jersey City.

There are so many ways you can get involved in Jersey City, but there are too many to list here (I tried and it just kept going and going and going). So here are links that list what you are looking for. Poke around and see where you would like to join and donate your time, money, or energy too. Please feel free to write your non-profit or neighborhood organization in the comment section below.

Community Gardens

Map of a lot of Neighborhood Associations (missing some)

Downtown Neighborhood Associations

Comprehensive list of Heights/Journal Square Non-Profits with others sprinkled in

Jersey City Non-Profits and Charities – comprehensive list

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