Snowstorm Stella - On a Journey Through Hudson County

On March 14, Snowstorm Stella shut down the Northeast. While she was not as big and bad as they had predicted, she did make it a mess.

Whealth & Co Owner David Trotta put a challenge on Instagram to whomever commented first would get a special treat from him during the snowstorm. (Note: during the last snowstorm they also did deliveries so people would not have to trek out to Harbourside.) Since I love his food, I of course responded.

What was I going to get?

Home made chicken soup with chicken's from Nature's Own Farm and homemade bread.

I was the 2nd stop after a trip to Bayonne (oh hey!!) and to my surprise taking a trip in the Whealth & Co van was photographer extraordinary NVBILL. I have seen his work with Chicpeajc and on Instagram so it was awesome to meet him. I asked if he would share photos of his adventures because a lot of photographers from Jersey City normally go into NYC to get shots. With a nod of his head and "I got you," I knew I was going to get some awesome photos.

Please check out these awesome shots taken during the snowstorm and show some love to these awesome guys.

This is outside my home

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