GJC Wellness Day Recap

On January 28, 2017, we organized and hosted our first event as Growing in Jersey City. GJC Wellness Day was a hit and the event went off pretty seamlessly. Big thank you to our sponsor Erin Kumpf Acupuncture and Herbs as well as the businesses who donated raffle prizes, and gave swag and discounts to the participants. Also, we are extremely happy to report that we donated $200 to St. Lucy’s Emergency Shelter in Jersey City.

Before we share all the photos from the event, I wanted to give you, my readers, a little background into why putting on a wellness was important to me.

Healthy living and eating have always been part of my routine. I danced my entire life and found Zumba post college. I also found Pilates and absolutely love it. Other fun workouts I love are Pound, old school aerobics (who doesn't love a good stepper), Bollywood, and most recently Crag Fitness. I also like being outdoors and going on hikes, so I try to be active. In October I started doing a series on healthy living - acupuncture, yoga, skincare, natural soap, and more. It got me thinking “how can I expose others to even more methods to health and wellness?” I decided to put on a wellness event to showcase new options to those who wanted to learn something - a different perspective, different food, a different outlet. In Jersey City we are lucky to have so many different fitness and wellness options to chose from.

January is a very hard month for everyone. With the lack of light, lack of warmth, and being stuck inside January is not the most fun month. So, this event was planned at the perfect time because it was such a bright day inside Hudson County Community College Culinary Center.

At the beginning of the day we had a surprise visit from Verizon Fios News 1 (see video below). Participants shared why they came to the event and what they hope to get from it. The participants were awesome and throughout the day helped to rearrange and move the room as we moved from session to session. The workouts hit the spot and we are working on fun ideas for the next event.

What made the day so special was knowing people went home well fed (participant feedback mentioned the food a few times), with different and new fitness routines and wellness ideas and a bag full of goodies. My friend Genna was a tough cookie to get to come to the event. At the end she pulled me aside and said, “I am so glad you made me came; It was a great event” and she was exposed to something new. I hope that with each event Growing in Jersey City produces we can bring value to you and help Jersey City Grow.

Stay tuned for the next wellness event!

Overview of programming:

Opening meditation with Laurel Lederman (a contributor to GJC) who led us through setting intentions and not pressuring ourselves into creating unrealistic goals. She wrote about this for our January Wellness Post and it really got me thinking!

Healthy Living Panel lead by Julie Reimman, who teaches yoga and pilates in Jersey City. Panelists were: Dani Rubin, co-owner of 8 Springs Studios James Chambers, owner and founder of Meant Condition Niambi Cacchioli, owner of Bloomsbury Sq Apothecary Tina Tang, owner of Iron Strong Jewelry by Tina Tang Laurel Lederman, Health and Wellness Coach

We learned what healthy living meant to each of the panelists and how they try to live their lives. They spoke at length about finding what is right for you and understanding yourself. Dani believes that all workouts work for all people and it is an interesting concept and one we are trying out to try to experience new things. Laurel, Tina, and Niambi shared how they find inspiration and recenter themselves. Also, since they are all business owners they provided insight for anyone looking to go into wellness or fitness.

Cardio kickboxing with Jesse Barton - she really kicked us into shape. We learned how to focus our punches and kicks to make them effective!

After lunch, we announced our raffle winners. We had so many raffle prices and everyone was really excited to win (especially Lisa who won a week of House of Gains).

Then we moved on to our group discussions - Meal Planning with House of Gains, Understanding Meditation with Karen Mandell, owner of Sattva Yoga, Benefits of Intensity Training with Joe Nissim, owner of Strengthlete, and finally Organizing Your Closet with Dorian Cattani from The Closet Rescue. Everyone was very interested in the discussions they chose and we had to cut off the conversations!

Yoga was our final workout session led by from 8 Springs Studios and we got to experience a power flow yoga class. Even Benoy and my father (yes my parents came), whom do not do yoga, were trying really hard to stretch and understand the positions. And then we had yoga stars like Corey, who was head-standing like it was not a big deal. In the end, everyone was ready for meditation from Jessica Namit and we ended on a focused note.

Local blogger Tiffany Lee from Living in Heels participated and made us all want to buy cute matching workout sets.

Breakfast and Lunch were provided by House of Gains Juices were provided from Squeez'd Mobile Juice Bar

Photos provided by Love Your Lights Photos and JNH Fotos

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