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As a Jersey City local for two years, I have come to love the rain. While, the rain is no friend to me as I trudge in my rain boots, somehow man’s best friend always brightens up the gloomy days. With their doggy rain jackets more expensive than the stained Forever 21 faux-fur bomber, Jersey City has no shortage of adorable dogs. Here in Hudson County, we’re obsessed with our four-legged friends with canine bakeries, pet boutiques and groomers that were once a novelty in Hudson County. Dogs are no longer an accessory; they’re part of the family.

With all the fuss for our pooches, it’s no surprise that Jersey City has their very own dog-walking app that does all the legwork in finding a reliable dog walker. Founded in 2015 by entrepreneurs with over 30 years of scaling businesses, Sixlegs is a dog walking service that hopes to be the Uber of dog walking. To avoid scrambling to find a neighbor or relative to stop by and walk your dog, the Sixlegs app allows pet owners to set a walk with a trusted dog walker within seconds.

I met founder, Arjun Ram—AJ for short—in the lobby of a beautiful apartment with expansive views of the New York skyline along the harbor in Jersey City. AJ is a seasoned tech investor with some of India’s most popular lifestyle apps under his belt. He’s also a new father and a dog-father to Daisy, his golden lab. Like so many Jersey City residents, he understands that dogs are no longer just dogs, “they’re family members.”

He wants busy pet owners to feel safe with their dog walkers. AJ and Daisy personally vet every dog walker on the app. First they interview with AJ, then they interview with Daisy on a sample walk. “There is so much more to walking a dog than just putting a leash on and going around the block. You need to be able to know when the dog is scared, at alert or doesn’t feel well.” Along with a sample walk, background checks are ran on all dog walkers.

“Our app is really about safety,” Arjun assured me. Dog walkers won’t get the address of their first dog walk until they are within a radius of the apartment. If there is a scheduled walk on the Harbor in Newport, the dog walker will be told to meet in Newport at a certain time. Once they are there, they are given the exact address of where to go. Pet owners control where the key can be found. If you’d like the walker to go to a neighbor to pick up the key if you don’t have a doorman, that can be arranged though the app.

In addition to safety, transparency is a priority. With normal shared economy driven apps, you never know who is behind the app; Sixlegs provides the same dog walker as to not stress dogs with constant change. Walkers update the app with information on the walk: If your dog went to the bathroom, you’ll get an update;if they played, you’ll get an update.

Sixlegs isn’t just for career minded pet owners. Maybe you’re sick and you don’t want to take the dog out (or you’re just having your Queen B moment on the couch). AJ founded Sixlegs as a way to have a reliable source of dog walks within the Jersey City area. The app hopes to expand to all areas of Jersey City and Hoboken within the next two years to help dog parents in Hudson County have reliable dog walkers in seconds.

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For 25% off your first walk when you download Sixlegs (available on the app store).

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