Hudson County Social - Meet Up

On Wed Feb 1st, Hudson County Social - Media Mastermind Group had their second meet up. It is a free networking group that meets quarterly for networking and also a Facebook group to connect everyone. We met at Club Transmission in Jersey City and they brought the Me Casa Food Truck to feed us. The event drew bloggers, photographers, writers, illustrators, other creatives, and yes even a dating coach.

Hudson County Social was created by Jenna Firshein, editor of Growing in Jersey City and owner of Dream Big Media, a creative services agency focusing on social media, and William Spencer, owner of William Spencer Photography and the co-blogger of JC Heights Insider, to bring together local creatives in all aspects of Media. "We were both looking to connect with people to meet and potentially work with. The focus of the group is communication, collaboration, and idea generation," which Firshein and Spencer were doing together when they created the group.

Transmission was the perfect venue for this passionate group of 30 individuals in the community looking to grow and collaborate with other like minded creatives. As I got to meet a wide range of creatives, I noticed how passionate this group was about Jersey City (and surrounding area) and their work. As I am working on getting my feet wet in the industry, I thought I couldn’t really offer many opportunities, however it was refreshing to meet people who actually took time to get to know me. This event didn’t feel like other networking events I’ve been to in New York City. It felt genuine -It was beyond the usual pitch, dropping of their business card & making their rounds. It had the feeling of community, something many people from across the river don’t have.

The slogan “Jersey City – Make it yours” was in full affect. As a relatively new resident of Jersey City, I saw passionate creatives in the area looking to make Jersey City (and Northern New Jersey) their own. Coming from Manhattan, it was refreshing to see people from all different backgrounds connect and see what exciting things they are doing in their neighborhoods. Many have called Jersey City the “6th borough” and I can see why (insert editor comment: not everyone believes this). Events like these will help people connect to grow ideas and projects to fuel this neighborhood with new energy.

I was able to form new friendships, find a sense of community, and gain a list of new places to try in Jersey City. Stay tuned and look out for future events. Watch out for Jenna Firshein as she continues to make Jersey City her own.

If you are in media of any kind in Northern New Jersey please join the facebook group here. Please be sure to read the pinned post.

Kenneth Chan is a NYC Native and proud graduate of Syracuse University who has been working in the retail industry for over 5 years. In his free time, he enjoys living a healthy and active life style along with traveling abroad. A relatively new resident of downtown Jersey City, he is looking to get involved and make Jersey City his own. Additionally, as a "foodie" he can't wait to experience Jersey City's diverse restaurant and bar scene.

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