Cuteticles - Bringing the A Game to the Nail Game

**Cuteticles hosted me at their salon. While my services were comped, all opinions expressed are my own. Thank you so much for having me in! **

In Jersey City Heights we have a lot of nail salons and most are packed because we like getting our nails done. Also, we all have our spots - some do acrylics, some do just nail polish and gel, some do soft gel, but Cuteticles does it all while providing a clean, relaxing, and friendly environment. They are a full service nail salon with waxing and make up as well as mini facials. And probably one of the largest nail salons in Jersey City.

How did I find out about Cuteticles? Somehow I found them on instagram (usual story) and I liked a photo of their own nail polish line. Then the owner, Tony Le, reached out to me to do an opening event and a write up. Due to scheduling we did not have an opening event together, but he had a grand opening week and it was packed. I went in and got the whole kit and kaboodle - manicure and pedicure for a wedding that weekend, and (seaweed) mini facial. Which is what Tony is looking for, “most nail salons in Jersey City are modeled around having a quick turnover and not around a clean relaxing environment where friends can unwind while getting their nails done.”

“I never want the customer to feel rush. This is why we take our time with our services. We offer coffee, water and mimosas on weekend. We also have weekly events to make it fun for our clients (like make up classes with Fierce Make Up by Sasha). We wanted to make Cuteticles a great place to hang out and not just a nail salon.”

So when you walk in the first thing you notice is the place is HUGE. You walk in to a waiting section and in front of you are 10 manicure chairs Also, they have lots of nail polish and their own line. Then you walk to the back with 12 pedicure chairs and multiple rooms for waxing and makeup.

So to get to the important part - the facials!

If you don't know me, I absolutely love facials and this is the perfect little treat while you are getting a pedicure. You sit in the pedicure chair and at the same time, you then have someone massaging your face (I have had Anna twice), putting hot towels on your face to open your pours (I could live in a hot towel), and you sit for a while with the facial product on. If you get the deluxe facial you get a hot stone massage. The product is non-abrasive and sensitive face friendly. They also give you cucumbers for your eyes while the product is on your face.

Cuteticles is known for their nail work - look at the gallery below from their instagram page. They focus on acrylic and gel manicures, but also do regular nail polish.

Tony is extremely proud of his nail salon. It is exceptionally clean in both appearance and what they use. Almost everything is disposable and used only on the person except really the metal tools and the bowls for water. “I am really familiar with the ins and outs of nail salons and their practices or dirty little secrets as my family/relatives have had 5 nail salons all in Jersey City. Unfortunately, most nail salons take shortcuts at the risk of their clients when it comes to hygiene and sanitation.”

There a lot that goes into sanitation Tony provided the top things we should be aware of:

- The don’t change the sterilization liquid (barbicide) as often as they should.

- They don’t follow the MFR instructions for sanitizing metal implements. For example, they need to leave the metal implements fully submerged in the sterilization liquid for 10 minutes in order to effectively sterilized the implements.

- They don’t autoclave their metal implements. Autoclaving is the only method that’s 100% effective at sanitizing implements.

Tony greets every customer as they walk in and walks through the salon throughout your time there making sure you are comfortable. I recently went back and brought my boyfriend with me. While I got a pedicure and facial, he got a facial and had a nice nap.

Cuteticles is located at 410 Central Ave on the corner of South in Jersey City Heights.

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