Monday Musings - Ouroboros

I dropped 30¢ and a letter on a sandwich he left at the bar,

took a bite because it needed taking under the

hot sun lamps –– smut on my nose. That 30¢

should be enough to buy a one way phone call to

another time. Same bar. New me?

And the letter?

That’s good for a lap dance, some laughs or her love

on the side streets of a smart phone world, where

dreams walk with medusa-eyed muses and poets

Lethe away past sips, sleep off tomorrow’s sins

against a bar wet with serpents

eating their own tails…

The bite in my sandwich. 30¢ and a letter. Unread. Again.

Trigonis 3/14/12

Every Monday, GJC will be sharing a poem from John T. Trigonis, a local JC Heights resident, poet, writer, and coffee aficionado, in our Monday Musings.

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