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Holiday Market Season is almost over! But we know that it has a huge presence in Jersey City from our article on Project Market. The vendors and stores that participate in these markets are prevalent throughout Jersey City during the year with our farmer’s markets, 6th Borough Market, pop up shops, and other exciting events. Jersey City prides itself on small businesses and supporting local entrepreneurs, artisans, and chefs. So, what we have done at GJC is compile a list of our favorite shops and stalls just in time for late holiday shopping to share with you - that you may come to a market, walk into that shop, and support a neighbor all year long. And we hope you will share with us your favorite places as well in the comments below.

Editor in Chief Jenna's Favorite shops:

Taproot Organics - They are a staple throughout the markets and have a facility on Communipaw you can visit and see how they make all the products with food grade products. They are always adding, changing, and collaborating. I fell in love with these rubber ducky unicorn soaps and had to buy one... I got the last one! Besides these super cute gifts, they also have beautiful holiday gift sets.

But-A-cake - A mix between angel food cake and pound cake, But-A-Cake is melt in your mouth delicious. She is at every event and market in Jersey City and now is vending all throughout New Jersey. She has free delivery to us in North Jersey and will soon be shipping. You can buy her original loaf or go crazy and buy her jars of fun in seasonal flavors.

Noellery - Our friends at Noellery are providing accessories at affordable prices in both trending and classic styles. The owner Noel and her staff are so friendly and welcoming. If you are nearby be sure to stop in and mention Growing in Jersey City for 15% off. Her website and online store will soon be up so stay tuned. Read about the owner Noel and her journey from Financial Trader to owner of 2 accessory stores.

Charley and Hudson - If you want to feel cool and comfy, wearing one of their shirts will surely do it. They have brand new cozy Hoboken sweatshirts and off the shoulder athleisure shirts. Show your pride in Jersey City and Hoboken with 10% off their store with the code GROWJC. To learn more about their story click here.

Bloomsbury Sq. - A beautiful shared space in Jersey City Heights dedicated to bringing fresh product from the garden to products we use. Bloomsbury Sq makes amazing smelling serums, lotions, and other body and beauty items inspired by European apothecaries. In the space of 942 Coop they have a cafe (soon closing) from Choc-o-Pain and all holiday season they have had pop up shops from local shops such as Deen Boutique, and our friends at Love, Liesel and Charley and Hudson.

Monday Musings Writer John T. Trigonis's:

Another Man's Treasure - They are is single-handedly responsible for keeping the top of my head warm and stylish with vintage fedoras. 1) I'm not a big shopper, and 2) I'm a picky shopper, since for the past two years, I've been buying only items made in the USA (or at the very least things not made in China), which makes my acquisitions mostly local and/or vintage stuff.

107 Bowers Gallery and Art Space Owner Kristin's:

Love, Liesel - I cannot walk by this little store without going in. They have handcrafted jewelry that ranges from funky to classic - which is pretty much my style. And they are all Jersey City artist creations. There is also something very homey about the place that makes me happy that I stopped in, even if I do not find anything to purchase. It just lifts me day up a little bit.

Word Bookstore - I have always been a voracious reader. I always have 2 - 3 books in process. When I little, my mom always took us to the library where I could go to the corner and just read as many books as I could. I love the feel of the book cover and the pages as they turn. I always walk into Word and want to find a corner and get lost in a new book. I like they have readings and book clubs - though with my limited free time - I sadly have not been able to participate in either!

Photographer and Author of Drawn from Life Jersey City Coloring Book Erin's Delaney's:

Roflcopter Toys and Gifts - I recently discovered Roflcopter Toys and Gifts on Newark Ave. It is a small store with LOTS of high quality toys and gift ideas! Stuff you're not gonna find at Tar-get or KB Toys.

Fussy Friends - It is located on Newark and perfect for pet needs and toys. I am a cat owner so I am always looking for new and fun toys for my cats.

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