Not Your Average Accessories Store: Time to Go Shopping with Noellery

When you walk into Noellery, you are first overwhelmed by the beautiful jewelry and accessories. Then you are greeted by Noel and her friendly staff. To the initial shopper this is a jewelry store filling a niche that is needed in Hoboken and Jersey City. Everything is affordable and super cute; I took a liking to a luxe baseball hat with a pompom at the top. But it is more than just a jewelry or accessory store, it is Noel’s outlet that has become a reality and has shown the ability of a small business to succeed and expand.

She loves interacting with customers and seeing them so happy leaving the store, “a simple piece from Noellery can lift ones’ spirits considerably. Life really is about enjoying the little things, and sometimes a little bit of sparkle will remind one to do that.”

The first store opened December 2015 and is located at 123 Washington St in Hoboken after living in Jersey City for 3.5 years. She picked Hoboken because she studied the real estate market closely and knew when to buy the 1st store. It is also really the only store like it in Hoboken. Noel opened her 2nd store in September 2016 at 323 Grove St. She had no idea that she would even be opening a 2nd store, or even this quickly. However, because she was focused on the real estate market, she knew when to buy and “The iron was hot, so I wanted to strike… Some people told me I was crazy to expand so soon, but I ignored them and went ahead.”

Being an entrepreneur has been a learning curve and she has started, “Getting into the rhythm of being an entrepreneur. The first year is when most of the problems arises, so it’s been interesting to see how my persona as evolved as I tried to navigate the company through the waves and storms. It has not always been easy, but the payoff has been fantastic.” Real estate for her has played a huge role in providing affordable product and prices. She has a proven business model that is based on this and continues to be efficiently executed. This definitely sets her apart.

Noel has a background in finance and international tax receiving her Bachelor’s in Finance from University of Illinois and her masters from New York University. Along the way she attended Parsons School of Design for graphic and digital design courses as well and picked up on photography as a hobby with training by a very talented photographer and professor, Craig Wallace Dale. Noel’s diverse background comes from having to work from an early age in her hometown of Chicago. “I didn’t grow up with a lot, so I didn’t really have a choice. I’ve worked in various different industries ranging from retail, cafes, and banking.”

She says her sister would tell us she was always creative (photography, graphic and digital design, etc), but, somehow she ended up in financial services in NYC living there for 3 years. She excelled in finance during her younger adult years, specifically in trading, however it did not excite her. She worked along-side some of the most intelligent individuals and mentors, but she could not find the passion in it. “While the president of every company I’ve worked for had a vision, one day I realized that I should really work long and hard towards my own vision.” To her, having a stable job without passion and drive was not what she was looking for. To her fulfillment was chasing her dreams, no matter what risk was involved, and mind you she was in finance where she calculated risk.

Initially she didn’t know she was going to open an accessories store, but she focused in on her creativity. She loves creating, fixing, building, and coloring. She explains, “I view the world in colors, so naturally, I love splashing color and structure onto every idea, process, and system. Implementing my ideas to life and seeing how marrying different industries can create something really unique and beautiful is ultimately what makes me happy. Noellery is my creative outlet just for this, and my business really challenges me like no other position ever has. This is why I opened Noellery.”

The product is also the real deal focusing on sterling silver with other jewelry and accessories as well. She has a buying team that she travels with to Turkey (a lot of evil eye inspiration) and Europe, working with the vendors, designers, and factories. At GJC we could just play in the store for hours.

So if you are walking on Washington Street in Hoboken or you are hanging out at Grove Street and walk by make sure to pop in and say HELLO! Because of course we got you a 15% discount!

Stay tuned for an expanded product line, more speaking engagements, in-store events (with GJC perhaps), and further expansion.

Big thank you to my models Jordana and Juliana and to of course Noel Lery for the great interview and perfect accessories for a killer photoshoot.

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