Technicolored David Bowie in Jersey City

Every where you walk in Jersey City you see beautiful works of art that will definitely brighten your day. They are all so interesting with multiple layers and can be interpreted differently amongst their admirers. What you are looking at are murals of all different sizes throughout the city.

The Mural Arts Program was launched in 2013 by Mayor Steven Fulop to foster arts and cultural awareness. In doing so it has, "effectively transformed the city into an outdoor gallery through the creative works of local, national and international street artists, including Shepard Fairey, Pixel Pancho, Karski & Beyond, Fintan McGee, Faith47, and WK Interact, and local artists Mustart, Fermin Mendoza, Lissanne Lake and Catherine Hart," (from the City's press release for the Kobra Mural).

Along with other international artists, Jersey City now has a beautiful piece of work on the Cast Iron Lofts by Kobra, the Brazilian Artist who painted "etnias" (ethnicities), the main piece of art for the 2016 Olympics. The work illustrates five faces from five continents — a theme which responds to the olympic rings. According to the press release for Kobra's work continues to " represent fraternity, respect for the other cultures, and acceptance and love for differences, which was one of the reasons he was approached for the Jersey City Mural Art Program that is rooted in the city’s diversity."

Raven Gallery Whealth & Co.I was excited to participate in my first press event ever. Because there was time before the actual presentation, I met a number of movers and shakers in Jersey City including the owners of Raven Gallery and Whealth & Co. who provided the food.

Please find the statements of Mayor Fulop and Kobra below.

To watch the entire presentation please check out my facebook live taping (click here).

Mayor Fulop Over the last couple of years we have been committed to public art. I am a big believer in it for a lot of different reasons. I am by no means an an expert in art history, but what I do know though is that if you look at every period of time and the most significant art ones it is a reflection of what is happening during those times. I do recognize where we live today, in a society that focuses on sharing whether it is shared office space, shared cars, shared artwork, it is the same thing for shared artwork. This is the type of thing someone could own. It is something as a community that we will share collectively forever. I think it is really symbolic of the time we live in.

It is great to have a world renown artist participating. It really speaks to how far we have come as a city that we have a thriving arts community that’s here and that they are welcoming and inviting and enticing for people like Kobra to be part of it.

Eduardo Kobra I am so happy to be here with everyone and for the opportunity. I come from a very simple family in San Paolo and when I was 12 years old I was inspired by New York City and the art and artists. This is what has shaped me into the artist I am today. The reason I chose David Bowie is because he is such an icon for everybody. He inspired and It is a privilege to be here and an honor to have you here. This is one of the biggest projects I have worked on being around 60 meters (196 ft.)

Photos courtesy of Erin A Delaney Photos

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