today i am asking you to start a revolution

I was pretty quiet yesterday.

I liked things on facebook and made comments that were poignant.

I took a photo of LOVE on the ground on the way to work.

I shared someone else’s photo on my Instagram page.

I was pretty quiet yesterday. I had tears in my eyes all morning.

I had a coworker ask if I was ok and my life spilled out.

I am scared.

I am scared to be a woman.

I am scared to be Jewish.

I am scared for my friends of color.

I am scared for those who are not white, straight, and married.

I am scared.

I was pretty quiet yesterday.

But today I am not quiet.

There has been so much hate exploding, imploding, and rearing its head.

But there has also been so much love.

We have to stand up with each other.

We have to be proud of who we are.

We have to not let those who only think one way to disarm and beat us down.

We are a proud nation.

We are a nation of people. Humans. We are all human.

Today I am not quiet.

Today I am asking everyone to STAND UP.

Today I am asking you to find an organization to work with.

Today I am asking you to find an organization to donate to.

Today I am asking you to be brave. Maybe braver than you have ever been.

Today I am asking you to become friends with anyone and everyone.

Today I am asking you to start a revolution.

Photos provided by Jabari Harris of JNH Fotos from the November 9th Rally in NYC

There are so many amazing and inspirational things people have shared over the past almost 48 hours. My cousin posted the poem by Dylan Thomas, Do not go gentle into that good night.” I was going to share that at first, but then I felt inspired to write a poem about my experience. I have always spoken up for what I believe in, however, it is even more important to get educated and speak up. Find an expert, go to a class or seminar, go to a discussion group; whatever it is, we need to be ready. Ready for what? For what has already begun.

I am very lucky to live in the metropolitan NYC area. I am also extremely lucky to be part of a community that understands the grassroots efforts and relies on the efforts of its citizens to make the change. Jersey City is filled with neighborhood associations and community groups that work tirelessly and voluntarily to continue to make the city what it is and will become.

Overwhelmingly, Jersey City voted for Hillary Clinton to be our next president, a woman who has fought for women’s rights her entire career. She has served our country and was the right candidate for a country who was ready. We were not ready.

59 million people voted for Donald Trump. 59 million people looked past that he hasn't released tax returns, that he is going to court for fraud with his Trump University, and that women are standing up saying they were assaulted by him. These 59 million say they wanted someone who will change up the system, but he is not going to change the system for you. He fed into the fears of people. He fed into their hatred and bigotry. He fed into the dark side of this country. Maybe I will be wrong and if I am I will be so happy I am wrong. Maybe he will be the change, but right now Russia is saying they are besties, he said he is going to repeal roe vs wade, and he says climate change is a hoax.

There are so many things I want to say and I have rewritten this now 3 times. November 9-10th is the anniversary of Kristallnacht, the night of broken glass where SS and Nazis destroyed Jewish businesses throughout Germany, and on November 9th and 10th in 2016, swastikas were graffitied on businesses, public places, and houses of worship. Confederate flags are flying, people are being called the N word in schools, build the wall is being chanted in cafeterias, and people are telling their neighbors to go back to Africa.

This is not my United States of America. This is I am scared of the United States of America. But being scared for me doesn't mean I will hide. It means I will be thinking smarter, making decisive moves on where to focus my energies, and to be ally for anyone I can be. I hope those 59 million of us who voted for Hillary can join together, no matter our differences, and fight for what has been built the last 60 years and maybe, just maybe move it forward even more.

There are many things we can do now!

The most important thing, I believe, you can start doing today is to find something you are passionate about and join a local chapter. I was on the board of the Riverview Neighborhood Association for 3 years and I have been focusing on other things. Now, I plan to become more involved. I am looking forward to joining the Super Pac known as Pantsuit Nation. Gayborhood Jersey City – I am an ally!

Huffpo did a great job giving a list of ways we can help now and I have detailed it below (or click here):


With Americorps, Campaign Zero (to end police violence), Support your Muslim friends, Be part of your next election poll worker, Support LQGTQ community, Join an organization that helps immigrants and new Americans.

Practice Self-care

Trevor Project, Trans Lifeline, National Suicide Prevention Lifelife


Planned Parenthood, The Future Project, National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, RAINN (Assist the Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network), ACLU, Friends of the Earth, Border Angels, NextGen Climate Action

Finally, if a hate crime happens to you - Report it. Report it locally and submit it here:

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