Cleaning Up Your Closet Act with The Closet Rescue

I am a true believer in organizing your closet and getting help streamlining outfits. I started selling on eBay by selling what was in my closet because I clean it out multiple times a year. But cleaning out our closets can be a daunting experience. This is why having the objective eye of Dorian Cattani of The Closet Rescue will guide us to the best styling, fashion, and organization.

I met Dorian through the Hoboken Women’s Business Group on Facebook. I reached out asking if she wanted to discuss working together and we decided to meet. We immediately hit it off and bonded over our connections in Jersey City and Hoboken, how passionate we are with our businesses and hobbies, and multiple iterations of how we can work together. Our passion for fashion connected us; how we view our business made us the perfect match.

As a cross between a wardrobe stylist and a consultant, Dorian helps clients assess and organize their clothing to achieve their true style. With her honest, fun, and friendly approach, she can help you purge old items, create new looks, and make lists for future shopping trips.

Dorian’s need to reinvent her clothes & create different outfits really came out of necessity, but it quickly became something she enjoys and has fun with. She only keeps what she loves in her closet and focuses on quality over quantity. The decluttering helps her make better wardrobe decisions with less mistakes. “Now when I wear something, I feel confident and that is my goal every time I get dressed: WARDROBE CONFIDENCE.”

She uses her own experience and training to help spread “Wardrobe Confidence” to anyone that needs it. “I started The Closet Rescue where I help rescue men & women from whatever has got them and their closets in a bit of a rut. The Closet Rescue is structured to be a fun and easy way to update you wardrobe and I guarantee you will be thrilled with the results.”

Top Tips From The Closet Rescue

  1. Attack visible clutter - Clean off that chair in your room or an over the door hook. And try to break that habit.

  2. If you’re on the fence about something, wear it to work or out with friends. If you feel confident, then it's a keeper, if not, it's time to go.

  3. Sort, purge, and Donate or Sell. Get instant gratification giving your old clothes new homes.

  4. Assign your clothes a home and dedicate a space to organize them from work-out clothes to office outfits. When everything has a home, you will start seeing items that are not “worthy."

  5. Keep out of season clothes out of sight. You will appreciate your clothes if you don’t see them for awhile and either be excited to see them (keep) or not (donate).

When I originally wrote this email I was promoting my eBay business with Dorian's business. So, I am all about taking your used but still good stuff and selling it on eBay. Depending on what you sell and when you could make back some of your money. If you are interested in learning more send me a message and I will send you a fabulous guide.

Another route is donation: Dorian and I both believers in donating your clothes. Giving back is something that I have been raised with and while I still sell my clothes I also donate A LOT.

The Closet Rescue

Where to Donate Clothes:

Vietnam Vets -

Dress for Success -

Hudson County Suits for Success (for men and women) -

Hoboken Shelter -

St. Lucy's Emergency Shelter -

Find a drop off box

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