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There is so much energy and visual delight just being outside. And yes I am even talking about in a city to rural farmland. Sometimes it is nice to stop and smell the roses - or more like look up from our phones, see the hustle and bustle pass us by or watch the children play in the park.

As I was scrolling through Instagram as I am known to do (don’t worry we are getting to the outside part), I saw Live More Adventures on 6th Borough Market’s Instagram. I checked out their website and thought this was a perfect idea. I reached out to Dave the owner and we decided to make some plans - GJC and LMA style. Initially it was going to be just a group of GJC people, but our weekends didn’t mesh and we made October 16th a combined weekend. Turns out a lot of people I know like hiking!

So to give you the back story, Live More Adventures started when Dave realized he liked the traveling and adventure lifestyle. Live More Adventures takes that lifestyle and makes it a little more accessible for us city dwellers. He attracts all different levels of outdoor adventure and caterers his trips to his participants. He wants us to appreciate the outdoors in activities from paintball and wine (post activity) to ski houses to treasure hunts in NYC.

So on October 16, we all met and embarked on a super fun and a bit of a hike at Sunfish Pond the Delaware Water Gap. When people started arriving, I was surprised to find that a few of my friends signed up solo and didn't tell me they were coming. Some people found it on Instagram (the power of social media is real) and others were on Dave’s mailing list. Also to note, we sold out 2 weeks before the actual trip!

This was quite the adventure!

Our 6 mile hike turned into 12 miles when the trek around the pond doubled the trip. But everyone was so enthusiastic and we had some pretty serious hikers on our trip. The scenery was absolutely beautiful and the sun finally came out. We met a number of hikers on the trail - day trippers, a father/son event, a family event, and lots of dogs. The hike being longer than expected did take a toll on some of us and we slowed down and stuck together. This trip was definitely about meeting new people, connecting, and supporting each other.

According to our contributor and photographer extraordinaire Julie, the brewery made up for the approximate 26,000 we all walked. We each got 4 flutes of beer from Jersey Girl Brewery in Hackettstown, NJ and delicious sandwiches made by “Chef” Dave. We got a tour of the brewery; understanding the processes they use at Jersey Girl Brewery and what really is Jersey Girl Brewery. The brewery was started in 2014 by two friends who love beer. They like their beer like they like their Jersey Women: complex, deep, layered, bitter, sweet, subtle, and sophisticated. They built their brewery in their hometown so they can invite friends to hang out and try the new beers and I felt like a new friend by the time I left.

And because I loved the trip so much we decided to do it again on October 29th. This time it will be Halloween Themed - creative costumes welcome with candy prizes! We will be doing the 6 mile hike up to a gorgeous peak and back down followed by lunch and brews! We hope you can join us on this trip or one of our future trips together (cluck here to sign up).

What is your favorite day trip?

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