Let's Get Naked With Mostly Naked By Nancy

Social Media is a crazy thing. While we have to be careful with it, it also can bring people together that may have not found each other otherwise. When I began my journey as Growing in Jersey City and rebranded myself, I made sure to follow everyone and anyone who associated themselves with Jersey City. In that process, I started following Nancy the woman behind Mostly Naked by Nancy, a fierce, beautiful woman who showed off her gorgeous pregnant body. After following her, I noticed she started transitioning away from body photos to face and skin photos, her gorgeous lips and eyes, and showing waxing services. Turns out Nancy had a plan and I was watching it unfold.

"I was an Instagram junkie. At first, I wasn’t really posting content, it was just me being a 20 year old sexual human being; appreciating the female body and showing it off quite a bit. That is how I got most of my following. I then realized with the internet if you actually do the right things you can make something of yourself. I love my body and I loved being pregnant and that is where Mostly Naked came from. And then I was like wait! Mostly naked, skincare, waxing! That is how Mostly Naked came about.”

She used social media to her advantage really focusing on finding the right hashtags. A lot of people find her through Instagram and “It is such a blessing to be getting the business from it. The internet is so strong right now and if you do the right thing you can be so successful or start your success. You can do what you want. I wanted to spend time with my baby. I wanted to be my own boss. I wanted Mostly Naked and it happened.”

She didn’t always know she wanted to be an esthetician and skin special. She floated around the US coming back to Newark, NJ where she grew up. She was hanging out in a coffee shop in Jersey City with a friend and they decided at that moment to dump their boyfriends and somehow she was getting back to California because New Jersey is so boring. “Along comes this little Filipino kid who says, ‘Where are you from that you are talking about NJ.’ She responded, ‘I’m from Newark but I miss California.” And after that they were inseparable, “Slowly you leave your toothbrush and your bra, and then eventually all your stuff is in his house. And then he says ‘Just stay I love you.’ I ended up moving here and I love it; it is a beautiful place.”

Then she got pregnant and she realized she needed to kick it into high gear. The first thing her and her then boyfriend, Jeffrey Ciocon, talked about was daycare and she said, “‘No! I don’t want anyone to take care of my baby. I want to take care of my baby!’ So I had to improvise and I decided to start a business. I had 5000 followers and I said let’s do this.”

She had become very interested in skin and skincare

after working in a vegan spa in Jersey City. She became a vegan for a time and saw a change in her mood, skin, and body. “After becoming vegan, I began to realize how important the things you put into your body are. And then I became very interested in skincare. I began looking up schools and then I got pregnant. So now I had 9 months to get it together. And it felt like the universe gave me what I needed. I found a school that had an accelerated 4 month program and after I graduated at the top of my class, I was 8 months pregnant. I immediately got all of my licenses for NY and NJ.” Skin had become her passion and she was good at waxing so she covers those bases. Now she has started doing eye lash extensions and her’s look amazing. I am still contemplating getting them or not; of course through Nancy.

On her Instagram page she does a lot of DIY face masks. She explains that her roots are in Portugal and South Africa and “My family knows the ins and outs of holistic healing and ingredients so it stemmed from that. My uncle used to have me come over and drink a shot of olive oil with garlic ‘Chew it up, it is going to kill all the bacteria.’” She really understands the science of using natural product on your skin. She has a book with recipes and how foods interact so when she is making something she always checks back. It is all about the honey, oats, apple cider vinegar, baking soda, and lots of coffee.

She is always talking to people and making connections telling them what she does and how to find her on Instagram. “What is crazy is that people will say I found you on Instagram and have been following you for a while. I want to come to you for waxing; I am giving my lady a break.” People then stick with her because we can all see how passionate she is about what she does.

One of those passions is women empowerment and making women (and anyone) feel good about themselves. She loves sharing knowledge because “A lot of people don’t know what is going on in the skin world and it is super important to take care of your skin. People now understand that and I get to be part of it.” Her favorite part of being an esthetician is the reaction after a facial. “It is always like ‘OMG!’ or the texts saying my skin feels awesome.” We feel empowered by how self aware and beautiful Nancy is.

Future goals for Mostly Naked include a mobile aspect where Mostly Naked comes to you. “One day in Texas, the next California.” She also wants to be able to travel with Jax, her son, “He is my motivation for survival. Before he came around I was floating in the world… life is great. Let’s just be little hippies. He came around and then I realized I needed a plan.”

While she is still in Jersey City before she dominates the skincare world globally, she loves it here. Her favorite part is Downtown (and “of course who doesn’t love the water”). “Downtown is cool. Where I came from you didn't get as diverse of people and cultures and ethnicities. It was an old school/traditional Portuguese spot, so you couldn’t be you. I like downtown because you have froyo, bars, people, parks, babies, everything. It is such a great mix with great restaurants so I really enjoy it.”

She has a gorgeous in home spa and a big welcoming beautiful home in Bergen/Lafayette. She and her fiancé are a power couple. He owns a barbershop, works at one in NYC, and has an in-home barbershop. Full in home spa! She had just painted one of her walls with chalk paint and I was lucky enough to christen it with some GJC love.

For my skincare session, she did a 5 step oxygen mask by Image Skincare. I am using Image Daily Moisturizing cream on recommendation from Nancy before we met because her skin is so amazing I needed to know what she uses.

Step 1: Cleansing the face - she double cleansed because I had makeup on.

Step 2: Exfoliation - slough off 1st dead layer of skin and completely rejuvenate you - This is one of her favorite parts. “It is going on as a gel and then eventually as it liquifies you will find your dead skin cells coming off on my hands.” And then we talked about Dr. Pimple Popper!

Step 3: Oxygen Mask - “It bubbles on your face and then the bubbles dissolve as it works. The places where is dissolves the quickest is where your face the most dehydrated and it is hydrating it.” She tries to do an oxygen mask once a month on herself and then she does the natural food masks.

Step 4: Plant Derived plant cell serum - “This penetrates your skin, reverses aging and sun damage, and it smells awesome.”

Step 5: Moisturize and protect

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