107 Bowers Gallery & Art Space: Artist Conversations with JoanMarie Palmer

KD: Who are you and where do you live?

Artist: JoanMarie Palmer, Downtown Jersey City, NJ

KD: What was your pivotal moment in your life that drove you to create “art”?

Artist: Drawing snoopy and Woodstock as a kid and thinking I did it really well.

KD: Why do you think art is important?

Artist: It captures a moment in time and history and creates a lifetime memory that speaks to every individual in its own way. Most importantly to the artist.

KD: What do you want people to know about your or your art?

Artist: “A brushstroke takes a second, preserves a moment, and lasts a lifetime.”

KD: Do you have a goal for your art?

Artist: To evolve in my skill and style and to evoke a special feeling in each person who views it.

KD: Do you listen to music when you create? Any favorite bands/musicians?

Artist: Anything relaxing and calm, classical, jazz etc.

KD: Many people think artist are only “right brained” – what else do you do well?

Artist: Everything.... Lol. Kidding aside, I am an Executive Assistant in an investment bank. I’m organized and efficient, great at meeting deadlines. I always said if I wasn't doing art in my spare time I would be a psychologist or life coach. I think I'm good at helping people.

KD: Do you have an artist that has influenced your work?

Artist: Georgia O’Keeffe and Renoir. I admire that Georgia took the flower and enlarged it so we could really “see" it for what it was. I also love Renoir's romantic softness in his paintings.

KD: You walk into your favorite art store – what section to you beeline for (regardless of your actual need)?

Artist: Paint.

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