From Dog Walking to Concierge Service - How Life Logistics is Upping the Game

Providing excellent service has always been a top priority for Jay McVey, the owner of Life Logistics. Having been in sales for his entire work career he knows how to drive business while still making the customer happy. He provides a concierge service to his customers. What is a concierge service? Life Logistics provides a front desk doorman experience without the doorman. The motto for the company is “You run your life. We run your errands.”

What type of services does he provide? Dog-walking, package delivering, and laundry servicing for really affordable prices. However, with a concierge service anything is possible and he keeps his mind open for all the curveballs his customers my throw at him.

But let’s go back a little and find out how Jay went from being in sales to dog walking to a full blown concierge service (insert Wayne’s World noise).

How did you find Jersey City?

I was living in Hoboken and was looking for an apartment. I found a place on Hutton passed Central and while I didn’t chose that apartment I ended up moving to Ogden. I had never been to The Heights before and was digging the neighborhood. I love our neighborhood!

How did you start your company?

I was selling BMWs and my friend was complaining about her dog walker. I was tired of selling cars and I realized that I could add a professional air to what people were already doing. It is surprising when you say you are going to do something you do really well. I quit my job immediately in 2007.

I got my first client walking through a dog park in Hoboken randomly one day and it wasn’t even their dog. I was canvasing for clients and spreading the word that I had just started the company. (Funnily enough, the person who inspired him to become a dog walker did not become a client).

What inspired you to move from dog walking to full concierge?

People need a lot more than just dog walking. Why deal with multiple companies when they can deal with one company or person they are comfortable with.

Back when I was just doing dog walking, I had access to people’s homes and would get request to do things above and beyond dog walking. Since I already had keys to their home and they were already comfortable with me, it was the perfect transition. Initially, I didn’t have the bandwidth to do it, so, in 2013, I set out to start Life logistics and offer way more than just dog walking.

What sets your service apart?

We are a full service company. We are able to handle anything people need.

Beyond that we are fully insured and bonded. We use commercial vehicles and carry insurance above the regular commercial insurance; having the contents of the van insured. And like I said before, we bring an air of professionalism. It is not like someone is doing this on the side, this is something I have devoted 9 years too.

What have your customers taught you?

Never be surprised. My clients are always reaching out with new and interesting situations that we are working with. No day is like the next and that is what makes my job interesting and fun. My customers have taught me to think outside of just dog walking and if it wasn't for them I wouldn't be doing what I am now.

What has been the biggest challenge?

When we initially converted to Life Logistics, people had grown to know us as a dog walking company and we were offering so much more. People were like where is this coming from? Long standing dog walking customers were hesitant to use our new services because it seemed like we were all of a sudden a much large company with much more services. When in fact, there was so much work behind the scenes, I don't think we did a good job explaining it. I spent 2 years learning the dry cleaning and laundry businesses, so when we added it, I was as knowledgable as possible.

Is it exciting?

Everyone has dirty laundry.

What is a challenge you foresee for the future?

Staffing and finding the right people. You have the situation where you have a person with a ton of responsibility and freedom and it is tough to find the right people for the position.

Immediate Goals

Bolster wash and fold services and streamline dry cleaning.

Long Term Goals

Expand outside the area. We currently service Hoboken, The Heights, all of Downtown Jersey City, and some of Union City.

Let’s talk more about Jersey City. How did you get involved?

I initially got involved with WPA 2-3 years ago. I realized that there was great opportunity and a great group of people that had a lot of passion that I shared with them on what the neighborhood was becoming and what we could do to change some of the issues we were having.

Why do you love Jersey City?

I love the diversity. I love there is always something going on and the area is growing. I also love the small town environment. Like right now when you walked into the cafe (modcup surprise), you knew everyone. I just went to to Congress Station and knew everyone there too. Here, we are in a city of thousands of people and still it is a community.

What are you doing to reach out to the larger community?

For myself as a citizen, I am always trying to meet new people and not just the new faces of the neighborhood. I don't want anyone to feel disenfranchised with the neighborhood they live in because they were the people who gave it that spark. So there is no reason they should be pushed out. I make the joke as a renter with all the community work i do that I am just pricing myself out of the neighborhood.

What is one thing the heights doesn't have that you would want?

If we had our own path station. But, it is impossible.

And finally, tell us how you got your first dog Big Boi?

I always loved dogs and wanted a dog. I got Big Boi from a shelter in the city that I found on craigslist. I originally went in to see a pocket pitbull (small pitbull around 35lbs) and when I got there I was told she was unavailable because a rescue had claimed her. I was going to leave and a volunteer convinced me to look at other dogs and I found Big Boi.

Ladies and Gents here is the inside scoop - Life Logistics is looking so expand in Hudson County and make a huge center of Life Logistics where there is a doggie daycare and vet (and they will pick up your animal for you), huge receiving and outgoing packages and laundry center, and whatever new things his clients think of for him to do. Stay tuned on the details!

Check out Life Logistics on their website

And get 10% off your service of $25 or more (combined services) when you mention Growing in Jersey City when you set up your concierge service with them.

Photos courtesy of Erin Delaney

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