Do Something Different: Volunteer (at the Loew's Theater)

In the wake of the amazing news from the Loew's Theater, I wanted to share my experience volunteering with them.

I talk a lot about giving back and volunteering because I have always been involved where ever I am. There are so many opportunities to help in whatever way we can and sometimes people don’t know their volunteering options so I like to give a little push. (I am sure everyone on instagram is tired of me telling them to go volunteer.) Currently I am on the board of my condo association. I am helping my building move forward and grow as the city grows, but it does not give me the sense of giving back does like volunteering at the Hoboken Soup Kitchen or manning a table for The Riverview Neighborhood Association at an event. So, I wanted to try something new.

I volunteered with the Loews on a whim because I wanted to see Stephen King. I am not a lover of Stephen King and I don’t do scary, but I couldn’t pass up seeing him in my backyard. Originally I wanted to go see him but the tickets were sold out and I didn't think about it. And then I got an email from the Loew's asking for volunteers and I jumped on that bandwagon! I learned a lot about “Steve” (as he calls himself) and what an amazing person he is, but more importantly I learned that the volunteer staff is family and people keep coming back because of the leadership of Patty and Colin. Patty and Colin are the full time directors and they put on these productions with their army of volunteers.

On the day of the event, I got to the theater, walking past the HUGE line to get in, and checked in with Patty. I got the lay of the land and how the theater was set up and prepped to seat people. As we were getting instructions a big whooshing sound rattled through the theater. Patty said, “Don’t worry everyone, that’s just the fans turning on.” In response, a manager from Word Bookstores (the host of the event), said, “No, no, that’s the monster from the Stephen King book!” Everyone had a little giggle. Patty gave us great advice on how to organize ourselves and get people to their seats in the most efficient way possible. There were some hiccups once seating started and we went up the chain and found solutions quickly.

Filling the theater started slowly, so we got to learn about each other. Everyone who was volunteering at the event had a story to tell. There were other newbies like me and there were those who were very seasoned. Some who were fans of Steve and some who came for the experience. What is so awesome about volunteering is then you get to stay and partake in the activity or presentation.

While I have not been able to help with the summer volunteer opportunities (a lot of cleaning and taking care of the building), I can not wait to volunteer for the next event! I felt very lucky to be standing in such a beautiful historic building while the outside world was able to share in its beauty and come to Jersey City as well.

Below is the contact information to volunteer at the Loews. And if you need help figuring out what to volunteer for and where please reach out to me and I will definitely help you and it doesn’t matter where you are!

About the event: This was the biggest event Word Bookstores had put on and it proved that small bookstores still have a place and they can put on big events. The Loews has had events like this in the past, but Stephen King was definitely a big name. They partnered together and brought people from all over to see Stephen King in Jersey City.

Volunteer at the Loew's



Phone: (201) 798-6055

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