Be the Difference - How Words Can Help Change Someone’s Life

Be the difference was started by Joy thinking of phrases that can strike a cord with others. Joy is a gym rat and after a hard workout she would go home and snack and she thought others must be thinking or do the same. So she posted the phrase "work harder snack harder" on Facebook and it was a hit. Her slogan became: Not Just Clothing, it's a way of Life! As she grew the business and the ideas, she kept this slogan in the forefront of her month.

She began to think "how can I use the power of phrase to help people?" and she realized her passion for using words could help others. She knew she could no long stand by and this is how she came up with the phrase "Addiction killed the family." It is bringing awareness beyond the person directly involved and what the effects of it are on everyone around them. It also brings awareness to addiction itself. She took this one step further and has created a video blog (vlog) called Our Lives Seen Through My Eyes. She is sharing the stories of others so they know they are not alone.

How did I find someone doing something so awesome in Jersey City? Joy actually found me on Instagram and contacted me. She saw I was posting about Jersey City and sharing other people's stories. We set up a meeting to talk on the phone and I was immediately motivated and inspired first by her fun approach and then her journey to help others through words and now the video blog. After talking to her, I knew wanted to share her story in my growing in Jersey City series.

Joy has lived in Jersey City and Hoboken her entire life and has been active her in her community in the past. She has a beautiful perspective on life and believes we are not meant to stay in one place "There are other people we need to meet and someone might need to see one of my shirts!" One of her biggest accomplishments is having her business trademarked and she continues to push herself. Since I first spoke to Joy, she has updated her website and grown her Instagram following to over 1,000 followers (I may have shared some tips I have been learning along the way).

Be The Difference's main goal is to continue to encourage and bring what many do not want to discuss to the forefront. The sky is the limit and we will keep pressing on in every endeavor! Will you join the movement? BE THE DIFFERENCE!

To join the movement go to

On top of helping others through the vlog and her powerful phrases, she also donates 10% of all her proceeds to Hayden’s Heart a non-profit organization “Keeping Hayden’s memory alive by raising CHD (Congenital Heart Defect) awareness and helping other families in their time of need.”

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