How To Live Greener With RIVIV JC

March 21, 2016

Dennis Whittinghill and RIVIV JC are a place unto their own.  They are an oasis in a bustling city set to be the largest in New Jersey in 2016.  Dennis helps us strive to live just a little greener. 


If you did not read our article on Dennis and RIVIV JC and the amazing things they are doing in Jersey City, Check it here.


Dennis has a some guidlines he lives by. These guidelines can be translated into any level of living a greener and more sustainable life:

  • Start small and be patient

  • Analyze what you are putting in your body

  • Save money and stop buying stuff

  • Stop relying on other people

  • JFGI – Just F*&^ing Google it – the information is there – we have unlimited knowledge and do the research. 

  • ENJOY YOUR LIFE – live your life now and have adventures. 

 What can we do now?

  1. Shop Local – eating organic is great, but that food might be coming from half way around the world.  If you can join the local movement and shop at a farmer’s market near you, see if a farm has a farm stand, join a CSA like Purple Dragon or find a Farmigo Rep (Connects you to Dennis' site).

  2. Help Clean Up – Cities and towns are covered in garbage.  This garbage goes into the water stream and then ends up in the oceans and we have a huge plastics issue.  Join a clean up or even smaller pick up garbage when you see it.

  3. Plant Plants – have a windowsill garden, grow your own herbs, or have green things around the house.  

  4. Try Making Your Own Products – I don’t have the patience to make toothpaste like Dennis, but I use vinegar around the house like a fiend.  Don’t like the smell? Put it in a spray bottle with any type of citrus for a few days and you have “Citrus Cleaner.”

  5. Recycle – find out what your town recycles and do it.  If you have children make it a fun game of separating.  Most towns pick up recycling now.

  6. Use Reusable Bags/Reuse Bags– we do not need all the plastic bags we have, so bring a tote bag to the supermarket every once in a while. AND reuse the shopping bags you get – they make great garbage bags hold the perfect amount for a few days.

  7. Skip the Throw Away Products – bring your own utensils to work. Also, Invest in pyrex or microwave safe containers is a great idea as well. .

  8. Give Up Bottled Water – invest in a water filter or sink filter. 

  9. Donate Clothes – Find a clothing bin and drop off or find an organization that is local.  The Vietnam Vets has a great donation program.


Find out more ways to live greener here:


Click here to learn more about Dennis and RIVIV JC 


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