When Downward Dog Takes Two with Yoga With Jessica Namit

What happens when your friend advertises that she is doing a Valentine’s Day couples duet session with a gift? You obviously say, “I want to do that” and convince your BF to do it with you. I have taken private sessions with Jess before and she is an amazing teacher, so I knew the class would be awesome.

Before Jess came, I was frantically running around – vacuuming the living room, hiding everything, telling the boyfriend to get dressed, and getting water. When Jess walks into the room, a calming sense comes with her and it is time to get in our Zen zone. Upon her arrival she gifted us with our bag of "love" goodies. I, of course, had to look at them before we started.

She gifted us with a beautiful note that read:

Yoga, like friendship teaches us about:






It’s when we open our heart, that we receive the wisdom.

With lots of love, gratitude,


Along with the note were delicious salted caramel chocolates, a rose scented candle, rosehip & hibiscus tea, and a homemade oil made from almond oil and essential oils. This was a loving and special way to start the class.

Everything we did had a focus on connecting with our partner - balancing both physically, mentally, and emotionally. It was not just about doing yoga with someone and then oh you will do partnering. We had to breath in sync, we had to move together or opposite, and we definitely had to trust each other.

We did downward dog with the other person at 90 degrees. I wanted Mike to be the support first and boy was it hard to be the top. It is like plank, but balance was in your shoulders (bottom right image). My most favorite position we did was pigeon (top right image). We were facing each other and I put my forehead to Mike’s and it was the most centering and connecting thing we did. I am not sure if jess wanted us to that but it felt right. Also looking back if, I was more flexible and could do pigeon to the ground; we could hold each other with put our heads next to each other. But yoga is a personal and when we are able to get to that physically, we will connect on that level.

After a hard class, we did savasana holding hands. When it came time to rise we rolled towards each other and sat facing each other. We kept our hands on the others knees/thighs and then at the very end we put a hand on our own hearts and a hand on our partners and wished each other "Namaste." We finished the session extremely connected with shanti in our hearts.

Jess Namit teaches throughout Hudson and Bergen County. She also does privates, duets, and trios sessions in the comfort of your own home (if you have room). She will bring everything you will need for a great class.

To find Jess go to:





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