March 6, 2019

In addition to working for the Port of Entry program and helping her students, Litman volunteers - “I am a volunteer at Liberty Humane Society (go adopt a pet!) and I teach English to adult immigrants with The Open Door, based in West New York.” She also celebrates her...

May 8, 2017

I am most interested in helping clients understand how their bodies work. Most injuries happen as a result of lack of awareness, either the person is not paying attention to what he or she is doing (not being mindful) or there is an internal inefficiency that predispos...

April 2, 2017

Primal Feel has more than one meaning. It refers to the return to our primal instincts and to recall a person's first experiences. It is important for us to return to the basics, which are the wholesome ingredients found in nature.

November 23, 2016

Walking into A Little Gelato you see the cases full of pies, cookies, eclairs, and then the gelato.  The flavors of the gelato are created daily and with customer input.  They also serve soups and will be serving sandwiches and cakes and all of it is homemade by the ow...

107 Bowers Gallery and Art Space is a brand new gallery in Jersey City Heights.  They had a beautiful gallery opening on Sept 9th, which coincided with JC Fridays and people were lined up outside.  They will be working with Growing in Jersey City to showcase the artist...

September 20, 2016

Drinking coffee has become a club in our neighborhood.  In the morning on the bus, I see the white cups with the black covers waiting at the bus stop at Palisade and Bowers and then they come on the bus.  On Sundays, the line is out the door, while people get coffee be...

August 23, 2016

I had time to waste this afternoon before heading to a Jersey City Pride Event.  So I took the path train to Newport and walked all the way to Grove Street where the event was.  Once I got to Battello Restaurant I walked around the entire building (Newport Yacht C...

May 31, 2016

Ishare my love of Jersey City (and Hoboken) everyday,soI wanted to be able to use the blog as a forum to share the way others view the cities we live in. On April 20th, I put out a post on Instagram that I was hosting a photo challenge and wanted to share other people'...

May 15, 2016

Erin has been lucky to support herself through her passion,

photography.  She is currently romping around the city discovering and sharing new awesome places and people.  Erin’s subjects are not normally people, but she volunteered to help me take photos for my blog an...

April 24, 2016

When Erin started offering Ear Acupuncture Sessions I jumped on that bandwagon. I had just started acupuncture with another practitioner and wanted to add sessions that were focused on relaxation and energy as I was having some anxiety issues.  I have been to all the a...

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Jersey City Librarian Recommends - Hudson Pride Month

August 14, 2019

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